As an Amazon Associate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.
As an Amazon Associate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.

In this 2024 Breville Barista Pro espresso machine review, we’re looking closely at a machine that promises to change your coffee game. Known for making barista-level coffee at home, the Barista Pro blends high-end features with ease of use. If you love your morning espresso and are curious about what makes the Barista Pro stand out, you’re in the right place. Let’s find out if this machine is worth the buzz—and your bucks.

Unboxing and First Impressions of the Breville Barista Pro

a breville barista pro espresso machine with cups on a counter

When you first unbox the Breville Barista Pro, it’s clear that this is a premium coffee machine. It’s well-packaged, and every component feels high-quality. This machine promises a sophisticated coffee-making experience, combining elegant design with advanced functionality, right from the start.

Guru’s Score Verdict

Design and Build Quality

  • Sleek and Stylish: The Barista Pro’s array of colors, including classics like Brushed Stainless Steel and bold choices like Damson Blue, means it can fit into any kitchen décor. It’s not just a coffee machine; it’s a style statement.
  • Built to Last: The use of brushed stainless steel is more than just for looks. It gives the machine a sturdy feel, suggesting it will last for many years. This is a machine that’s made for the long haul, not just for its aesthetics but also for its durability.
  • Perfect Size: With dimensions of 13.9″ x 13.5″ x 16″, the Barista Pro is designed to fit comfortably in most kitchens. It’s big enough to be noticed but not so large that it takes over your counter space.

Initial Setup and Accessories

  • User-Friendly Setup: Setting up the Barista Pro is straightforward. The interactive 3D setup guide available through the BILT® app is a helpful touch, making the initial setup less daunting and more engaging.
  • Accessory Kit: The machine comes with a range of accessories, such as the Dosing Funnel™ Attachment, different filter baskets, a stainless steel milk jug, and more. These are not just add-ons; they’re integral to the machine’s ability to make great coffee.
  • Convenience Features: The large capacity of the bean hopper means less frequent refilling. The design also includes thoughtful touches like a magnetic tamper and a storage tray for the Razor, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of your coffee-making process.

Breville Barista Pro vs Express Model

  • Advanced Heating: The Barista Pro’s ThermoJet® heating system gets up to temperature in just 3 seconds. This is a significant improvement over the Barista Express model, making your coffee preparation much quicker.
  • Grinding Precision: With 30 grind settings, the Barista Pro offers more control over your coffee grind compared to the 16 settings in the Express. This means you can fine-tune your coffee to your exact preferences.
  • Ease of Use: The Pro’s intuitive LCD interface is more user-friendly compared to the simpler button controls on the Express model. This makes operating the machine and customizing your coffee easier and more enjoyable.

In essence, the Breville Barista Pro impresses right out of the box with its elegant design, robust build, and user-friendly features. It clearly stands out as an upgrade from the Barista Express model, offering faster heating, more grind settings, and an easier-to-use interface.

Breville Barista Pro: In-Depth Features Exploration

a hand pressing a button on a breville barista pro espresso machine

The Breville Barista Pro isn’t just about its sleek design and robust build; it’s packed with advanced features that set it apart in the world of home espresso machines. Each feature is thoughtfully designed to enhance the coffee brewing experience, from its heating system to the integrated grinder and user interface.

Advanced Heating System

  • Rapid Heat-Up: The standout feature of the Barista Pro is its ThermoJet® heating system. This innovative technology allows the machine to reach the ideal extraction temperature in just 3 seconds. Such speed is a game-changer for busy mornings or when you need a quick coffee fix.
  • Energy Efficient: Not only is the heating system fast, but it’s also energy-efficient. Compared to the Thermoblock system used in other models, the ThermoJet® consumes up to 32% less energy, making it both eco-friendly and cost-effective for daily use.
  • Consistent Temperature: The precision temperature control ensures that each cup of coffee is brewed at the optimal temperature. This consistency is crucial for extracting the best flavor from your coffee beans.

Integrated Grinder – Convenience Meets Quality

  • Conical Burr Grinder: The Barista Pro features an integrated conical burr grinder, renowned for its precision. This type of grinder is favored by coffee enthusiasts for its ability to produce a consistent grind size, which is vital for a well-extracted espresso.
  • Customizable Grind Size: With 30 grind settings, you can fine-tune the grind size to match the type of coffee bean and the brewing method you prefer. This customization allows for a more tailored coffee experience.
  • Dose Control: The grinder dispenses the right amount of coffee on demand, thanks to its dose control feature. This means you get the perfect amount of freshly ground coffee every time, maximizing flavor and minimizing waste.

User Interface and Customization Options

  • Intuitive LCD Display: The Barista Pro’s interface includes an intuitive LCD display that provides all the necessary information at a glance. This display makes it easy to monitor the machine’s settings and make adjustments as needed.
  • Customizable Settings: You can choose between 1 or 2 cup volumes, or opt for manual control. This level of customization caters to both beginners and experienced baristas, allowing you to dial in your preferred espresso shot every time.
  • Ease of Use: The user-friendly nature of the Barista Pro extends to its interface. The controls are straightforward and easy to navigate, making the process of brewing espresso, adjusting grind size, and steaming milk simple and enjoyable.

The Breville Barista Pro stands out for its advanced heating system, high-quality integrated grinder, and user-friendly interface. These features combine to offer a superior coffee brewing experience, making the Barista Pro a top choice for anyone serious about their home coffee setup.

Performance and Coffee Quality

a breville barista pro espresso machine with cups and glasses on a counter
Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine
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The Breville Barista Pro isn’t just a visually appealing espresso machine; its performance and coffee quality are where it truly shines. This section delves into the consistency of espresso shots, the machine’s milk frothing capabilities, and its efficiency, especially valuable on busy mornings.

Consistency of Espresso Shots

  • Precision Extraction: The Barista Pro excels in delivering consistently high-quality espresso shots. This consistency is largely due to the precise temperature control and the 9-bar extraction process, mirroring professional-grade machines.
  • Grind Size and Dose Accuracy: The integrated conical burr grinder plays a crucial role. It ensures the coffee grounds are of uniform size, and the dose control dispenses the exact amount needed for each shot, contributing significantly to the consistency of each espresso.
  • User Customization: While the machine has preset functions, experienced users can customize settings like grind size and shot volume. This flexibility allows for fine-tuning the extraction process to cater to individual preferences, ensuring every espresso shot meets high standards.

Milk Frothing Capabilities

  • Manual Steam Wand: The Barista Pro features a powerful manual steam wand, perfect for creating microfoam milk essential for latte art. The steam wand allows for control over the texture and temperature of the milk, a feature appreciated by latte art enthusiasts.
  • Silky, Velvety Microfoam: The ability to produce a consistent microfoam is a standout feature. This creamy, velvety foam is the cornerstone of good latte art and a sign of a well-made milk-based coffee beverage.
  • Versatility for Different Milk Types: The steam wand’s design is adept at handling various types of milk, including dairy and plant-based alternatives, allowing for versatility in beverage options.

Speed and Efficiency for Busy Mornings

  • Quick Heat-Up Time: The ThermoJet® heating system ensures that the Barista Pro is ready to brew in just 3 seconds, a significant advantage for those with a tight morning schedule.
  • Streamlined Brewing Process: The integration of grinding, dosing, and extraction into a seamless process cuts down on the time and effort needed to brew a cup. This efficiency means you can enjoy a high-quality espresso or cappuccino without a significant time investment.
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: The ease of cleaning and maintenance of the Barista Pro also contributes to its overall efficiency. Quick cleaning cycles and easy-to-maintain parts mean less time spent on upkeep and more on enjoying your coffee.

Breville Barista Pro: Maintenance and Durability

a breville barista pro espresso machine and cupcakes on a counter

Owning a Breville Barista Pro means you’re investing in a durable and reliable espresso machine. However, longevity and performance are highly dependent on proper care and maintenance. Ensuring that you follow the recommended cleaning routines and understand the machine’s long-term reliability will keep your Barista Pro in peak condition for years to come.

Cleaning and Care Tips

  • Regular Cleaning Schedule: Keeping the Barista Pro clean is essential. After each use, wipe down the steam wand with a damp cloth and purge it to prevent milk residue buildup. The drip tray should be emptied and cleaned regularly to maintain hygiene and machine performance.
  • Water Filter Replacement: Change the water filter every two months, or more frequently if you live in a hard water area, to prevent scale buildup, which can affect the machine’s operation and coffee taste.
  • Deep Cleaning: Use the provided cleaning tools to unclog filter baskets and the portafilter. Run the cleaning cycle as prompted by the machine’s LCD alert to ensure the internal mechanisms are free of coffee oil residues.

Long-Term Reliability

  • Build Quality: The Barista Pro’s brushed stainless steel construction not only gives it a premium look but also ensures its durability against the wear and tear of daily use.
  • Grinder Maintenance: Clean the conical burr grinder regularly to prevent blockages and maintain performance. If the grinder becomes clogged, follow the advanced cleaning instructions to remove any obstacles and ensure a consistent grind.
  • Consistent Performance: With proper care, the Barista Pro maintains consistent performance. Its precision brewing and milk texturing capabilities remain reliable over time, indicative of the machine’s robust engineering.

Warranty and Customer Support Services

  • Warranty Options: The Barista Pro comes with a standard 2-year limited product warranty. For added peace of mind, Breville offers BrevilleCare, an optional extended warranty for up to 4 years, ensuring your machine is protected against potential issues down the line.
  • Accessible Customer Support: Should you encounter any problems or have questions about your machine, Breville’s customer support services are readily available. You can purchase replacement water filters and other parts directly from Breville or consult with their support team for assistance.

In maintaining the Barista Pro, attention to detail in cleaning, understanding the robust build quality, and making use of the comprehensive warranty and support services are key. With these practices, your Barista Pro will deliver exceptional coffee for many years, making it a wise long-term investment for any coffee lover.


Breville Barista Pro vs Casabrews 5700 Pro

a casabrews 5700 pro espresso machine with two cups of espresso
Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine
Disclaimer: This ad includes affiliate links from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you. Your support is appreciated.
Casabrews 5700 Pro
Disclaimer: This ad includes affiliate links from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you. Your support is appreciated.

Comparing the Barista Pro to the Casabrews 5700 Pro offers a fascinating insight into two high-performing home espresso machines. Both are crafted to cater to the discerning home barista, yet they offer distinct features that may appeal to different preferences and requirements. Here’s a detailed look at how they stack up against each other.

Feature Comparison:

  • Pressure System: The Breville Barista Pro operates with a 9-bar extraction process, while the Casabrews 5700 Pro boasts a 20-bar Italian pump. Higher pressure can often lead to richer extraction, but the optimal 9-bar is typically used in professional settings and is more than sufficient for most espresso connoisseurs.
  • Grinding Capabilities: Both machines come with an integrated conical burr grinder, with the Barista Pro offering 30 adjustable grind settings, which is double the 15 settings provided by the Casabrews. More grind settings mean a finer adjustment capability, which can be crucial for the perfect espresso shot.
  • Heating System: The Barista Pro’s ThermoJet® heating system reaches the ideal extraction temperature in 3 seconds, a feature not highlighted in the Casabrews. Speed in heating can be a significant advantage for users who are often in a rush.
  • User Interface: Both machines feature intuitive interfaces, with the Barista Pro boasting an LCD screen that simplifies the brewing process. The Casabrews also comes with an LCD display, focusing on providing visual cues for grinding and extracting progress.
  • Milk Frothing: The Barista Pro and the Casabrews 5700 Pro are equipped with manual milk frothing capabilities, allowing for the creation of microfoam suitable for latte art. This is essential for those looking to perfect their milk-based coffee drinks.
  • Water Tank Capacity: The Barista Pro typically has a 67 oz water tank, which is slightly less than the 91 oz offered by the Casabrews. A larger tank can reduce the frequency of refills, which might be convenient for heavy use.
  • Design and Durability: Both machines feature a stainless-steel design for longevity. However, the Barista Pro’s detailed focus on robust construction may give it an edge in durability over time.
  • Warranty and Support: Breville provides a standard 2-year warranty, emphasizing their confidence in the Barista Pro’s long-term performance. On the other hand, the Casabrews offers a 1-year warranty, which is fairly standard but doesn’t indicate the same level of long-term commitment.

User Experience:

  • Learning Curve: Both machines will have a learning curve, especially for users new to espresso making. The Barista Pro’s advanced features might take more time to master, but they offer greater customization and precision in the long run.

In summary, the Breville Barista Pro and the Casabrews 5700 Pro both offer features that cater to the home espresso maker’s needs. The choice between the two may come down to specific preferences, such as the importance of a rapid heat-up time, the desire for finer grind settings, or the need for a larger water tank. Both machines promise a barista-like experience but through slightly different paths and feature sets.

Breville Barista Pro: Pros and Cons

a breville barista pro espresso machine on a counter


  • Fast Heat-Up Time: The ThermoJet® heating system ensures the machine is ready to brew in 3 seconds, making it ideal for those who don’t want to wait for their morning coffee.
  • Grinding Precision: With 30 grind settings, the integrated conical burr grinder allows for extensive control over the coarseness of your coffee grounds, enabling you to dial in the perfect espresso shot.
  • Customizable Settings: The Barista Pro offers a range of customizable settings, from shot volume to grind size, giving you the ability to personalize your coffee to your exact taste.
  • Intuitive Interface: The LCD interface is user-friendly, providing clear information and making the brewing process straightforward and enjoyable.
  • Milk Texturing: A manual steam wand gives you control over the milk texture, allowing you to create microfoam that’s perfect for latte art.
  • Build Quality: Constructed with brushed stainless steel, the Barista Pro is designed to be durable and long-lasting.


  • Price Point: The Barista Pro is a significant investment, and its price tag may be prohibitive for some potential buyers.
  • Learning Curve: Despite its intuitive interface, there is a learning curve, especially for those new to making espresso at home.
  • Size and Weight: It is relatively large and heavy, which might not be suitable for those with limited kitchen space.
  • Water Tank Capacity: Compared to some competitors, the water tank capacity may require more frequent refills, especially in heavy-use environments.
  • Maintenance: To keep the machine in top condition, regular maintenance is required, which can be time-consuming.
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How We Rate and Review the Breville Barista Pro

a person holding a cup of coffee

Design and Build Quality: 5/5

The Breville Barista Pro is an exemplary model of what a home espresso machine should be in terms of design and build quality. The brushed stainless steel body not only gives it a sleek and modern look that would elevate any kitchen countertop but also ensures durability. Its sturdy construction suggests a commitment to longevity, making it a durable option for daily use. We’ve given it a full five stars because it manages to combine aesthetics with robustness seamlessly.

Beverage Options & Quality: 4/5

With its precise temperature control and consistent 9-bar pressure extraction, the Barista Pro delivers outstanding quality across a range of espresso-based beverages. The only reason we’re holding back a star is the limitation inherent in any single-boiler system; you cannot simultaneously brew espresso and steam milk, which might be a slight inconvenience for some users. However, the quality of the beverages it produces, from rich espressos to creamy lattes, is unquestionably top-notch.

User Interface & Customization: 5/5

Breville excels in the realm of user interface and customization with the Barista Pro. The LCD provides real-time feedback and easy-to-navigate controls, which are both intuitive and comprehensive. This machine offers a wealth of customizable settings, appealing to both novices and seasoned baristas alike. We are compelled to award five stars for its user-friendly nature coupled with its depth of customizable options.

Milk Frothing System: 4/5

The manual steam wand of the Barista Pro allows for fine control over milk texture, enabling users to create cafe-quality microfoam. However, it does require some practice to perfect, which might be a bit daunting for beginners. We’ve deducted one star for the learning curve associated with mastering the milk frothing system, but once learned, it produces excellent results.

Maintenance & Cleanliness: 4/5

Maintenance is where the Barista Pro demands a bit more from its users. The alert system for cleaning and descaling is highly efficient, and the machine includes all the necessary tools for maintenance. But, the frequency and effort required for cleaning and maintenance are non-negligible. Given the need for regular upkeep to maintain optimal performance, we’re giving this category four stars.

Price & Value: 4/5

The Barista Pro’s price point places it in the higher end of the market for home espresso machines. While some may find the cost initially steep, the value it provides through its durability, quality of espresso, and range of features justify the investment over time. It’s a solid four stars for price and value, recognizing that it is an investment but one that pays off for serious coffee aficionados.

Design and Build Quality
Beverage Options & Quality
User Interface & Customization
Milk Frothing System
Maintenance & Cleanliness
Price & Value
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Conclusion – Guru’s Score Verdict: 4.3/5

In conclusion, our Breville Barista Pro Review reveals a machine that earns The Coffee Guru’s high esteem with an overall score of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Its superior design, customizable settings, and exceptional espresso quality make it an investment that is worth its price for those who are serious about their coffee. The Barista Pro is best suited for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the art of espresso making and seek a durable, professional-grade machine for their home. Its blend of functionality and style positions it as an ideal choice for those who are not only willing to invest in premium coffee equipment but also dedicate time to mastering its use and upkeep.


The Barista Pro's grinder boasts 30 settings for grind size, ensuring a precise and consistent grind, enhancing the flavor of the espresso.

Absolutely, the Breville Barista Pro is designed to accommodate a range of coffee preferences and strengths through its adjustable grind size and customizable shot volumes.

To maintain the Barista Pro, it's essential to regularly clean the steam wand, replace the water filter every two months, and perform descaling cycles as indicated by the machine's alerts.

Yes, for coffee enthusiasts who value quality and versatility in their espresso preparation, the Barista Pro represents a worthy investment.

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Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine
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