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As an Amazon Associate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.

Dive into the world of Italian espresso with our Lavazza Top Class Coffee review. This blend is a testament to Lavazza’s commitment to excellence, offering a symphony of rich flavors and aromas that promise to elevate your coffee experience. Whether you’re an espresso aficionado or simply seeking a premium cup to start your day, Lavazza Top Class Coffee is designed to impress with its full-bodied character and seamless adaptability to various brewing methods. Join us as we explore what makes this blend a distinguished choice for coffee lovers around the globe.

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  • Introduction
  • Lavazza Top Class: Tasting Notes and Flavor Profile
  • Brewing the Perfect Cup of Lavazza Top Class
  • Best Pairing Options for Lavazza Top Class
  • Lavazza’s Commitment to Sustainability
  • Lavazza Top Class: Pros and Cons
  • How we rate and review Lavazza Top Class Coffee

Lavazza Top Class: Tasting Notes and Flavor Profile

a bag of lavazza top class coffee on a red and blue background

Lavazza Top Class Coffee, a medium espresso roast made from select Arabica and Robusta beans, delivers a sophisticated and rewarding sensory experience. Let’s dive into the origin of the coffee beans used in this coffee and the sensory analysis. 

The Beans Behind Lavazza Top Class

Lavazza Top Class Coffee’s distinctiveness begins with its beans. The blend comprises Arabica beans, chosen for their smooth, sweet taste, sourced from the elevated regions of Central and South America. These are artfully combined with both washed and semi-washed Robusta beans, adding depth and body to the coffee. This harmonious mix creates a full-bodied character, balancing spiced sweetness with subtle bitterness, reminiscent of dark chocolate and cinnamon.

  • Arabica Beans: Known for their smooth flavor profile, these beans add a delicate sweetness to the coffee.
  • Robusta Beans: Contributing a robust and earthy taste, they enhance the coffee’s full-bodied nature.

Sensory Analysis: Aroma, Taste, Aftertaste

When it comes to sensory analysis, Lavazza Top Class Coffee is a symphony of flavors and aromas. The first encounter is with its rich fragrance, exuding spiced sweetness that fills the room upon opening the bag. The coffee’s appearance is a dark, inviting hue, promising a robust experience.

  • Aroma: The fragrance is a blend of spice and sweetness, hinting at the complexity of flavors within.
  • Taste: On tasting, the coffee reveals a robust and full-bodied profile. The flavors are deep and earthy, with a subtle interplay of sweetness and bitterness. Notes of dark chocolate and a hint of cinnamon add layers to the taste.
  • Aftertaste: The aftertaste is as important as the initial sip. Top Class leaves a lingering impression that is rich and satisfying, with a balanced finish that encourages another sip.

Brewing the Perfect Cup of Lavazza Top Class

an espresso machine pouring lavazza top class coffee

The journey to crafting the perfect cup of coffee with Lavazza Top Class is an art form, combining the richness of the blend with precise brewing techniques. Each step, from selecting the right method to considering the water quality, plays a crucial role in enhancing the coffee’s natural flavors and aromas.

Lavazza Top Class, with its balanced mix of 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta beans, offers versatility in brewing, catering to various tastes and preferences. This blend can be enjoyed in whole bean form or as coffee pods, each method bringing its unique qualities to the fore.

Espresso Machines

For aficionados seeking the quintessential coffee experience, using an espresso machine with ground Lavazza Top Class beans is the way to go. This method brings out the rich, intense flavors and the delicate balance between the cocoa and cinnamon undertones. It’s ideal for those who have the time and desire to indulge in the art of coffee-making, delivering a superior, barista-style espresso.

Lavazza BLUE Capsule Machines

For those looking for convenience without sacrificing quality, Lavazza Top Class is available in pods compatible with the Lavazza BLUE machines, like the Classy Plus and Classy Mini. These capsule machines are engineered for ease of use and consistency, offering a quick and straightforward way to enjoy a high-quality cup of coffee. It’s a practical choice for busy lifestyles or for those who prefer the simplicity of a capsule system.

Alternative Brewing Methods

In addition to espresso and capsule machines, Lavazza Top Class is versatile enough to be used with various other brewing methods like the French Press, Moka Pot, and Drip Coffee Maker. The French Press allows for a fuller body and richer texture, the Moka Pot accentuates the strong, bold flavors typical of an Italian brew, and the Drip Coffee Maker is suitable for those who enjoy a smoother, more subdued flavor profile. These methods are great for coffee lovers who enjoy experimenting and savoring their coffee in different styles.

No matter the brewing method chosen, this coffee offers a flexible and satisfying coffee experience, adaptable to the diverse preferences of coffee enthusiasts.

Expert Tips on Coffee-to-Water Ratios

Crafting the ideal cup of coffee, whether it be a robust espresso or a smooth French press, revolves around mastering the coffee-to-water ratios. Here’s how you can achieve that perfect balance:

  • Espresso:
    • Coffee Amount: Use 7.5 grams for a single shot and approximately 14.5 grams for a double shot, aligning with the 18-21 grams for a 60 ml espresso.
    • Grind Size: A fine grind is best for espresso to ensure optimal extraction.
    • Tamp Pressure: Apply about 20kg of pressure when tamping the ground coffee to ensure even extraction.
    • Water Temperature: Aim for a precise temperature of 92°C, with a possible variance of ±2°C, to optimize flavor extraction without burning the coffee.
    • Brewing Time: A duration of 25-30 seconds is recommended, which should yield an espresso shot of 20-25g.
  • Drip Coffee Maker/French Press:
    • Coffee Amount: A general guideline is 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6 ounces of water, adjusted to taste.
    • Grind Size: A medium grind works well for both drip and French press.
    • Brewing Flexibility: These methods are more forgiving, allowing for a range of experimentation with ratios to match personal preference.
  • Moka Pot:
    • Coffee Amount: Fill the basket evenly with fine to medium-fine ground coffee without tamping, generally about 15-20 grams for a 4-cup Moka pot.
    • Grind Size: Opt for a fine to medium-fine grind.
    • Water Temperature: Start with pre-heated water to avoid over-extraction during the brewing process.
    • Brewing Time: The Moka pot will take about 5 minutes to brew. Listen for a hissing sound, indicating the coffee is ready.

The Importance of Water Quality and Temperature

Water quality and temperature are pivotal in brewing the perfect cup of Lavazza Top Class. The water should be clean and free from any impurities that might alter the coffee’s flavor. A water temperature of about 90-96 degrees Celsius (195-205 degrees Fahrenheit) is ideal for extracting the full range of flavors without burning the coffee. For espresso, the temperature needs to be precisely controlled to ensure the espresso is not too bitter or too weak.

Best Pairing Options for Lavazza Top Class

a plate of food and a cup of coffee

When savoring a cup of Top Class coffee, pairing it with the right food can enhance the overall tasting experience. Each pairing is selected to complement the complex flavor notes and rich aroma of this distinguished blend.

Morning Delights

Begin your day with a pairing that complements the coffee’s robust profile. Morning pastries can provide a delightful contrast to the coffee’s intensity.

  • Croissants: The buttery layers of a fresh croissant can soften the bold flavors of the coffee, creating a harmonious balance.
  • Chocolate Muffins: The cocoa notes in the muffins echo the chocolate undertones of the coffee, providing a rich and immersive taste.

Sweet Indulgences

For those who have a sweet tooth, pairing this coffee with desserts can accentuate the blend’s inherent sweetness and full-bodied character.

  • Dark Chocolate: A piece of dark chocolate can bring out the spiced sweetness and enhance the chocolate notes in the coffee.
  • Cinnamon Rolls: The cinnamon in these pastries will resonate with the spicy hints found in Lavazza Top Class, amplifying the aromatic experience.

Savory Complements

The coffee also pairs well with savory options, which can highlight its rich and nuanced flavor profile.

  • Cheese Platter: A selection of aged cheeses can match the depth of the coffee while adding a creamy texture to the palate.
  • Charcuterie: The savory flavors of cured meats can contrast pleasantly with the coffee’s sweetness, creating a satisfying balance.

Afternoon Snacks

An afternoon cup of Top Class can be perfectly accompanied by light snacks that don’t overpower the coffee’s flavors.

  • Biscotti: These crunchy, slightly sweet biscuits are traditional coffee companions, ideal for dipping and soaking up the coffee.
  • Fruit Tarts: The acidity and sweetness of the fruit can complement the coffee’s bitterness, offering a refreshing counterpoint.

Post-Dinner Desserts

Ending a meal with coffee and dessert is a classic choice, and the right pairing can make this a truly decadent experience.

  • Tiramisu: This coffee-flavored Italian dessert naturally complements the espresso notes of the coffee.
  • Cheesecake: The creaminess of cheesecake pairs beautifully with the robustness of the coffee, each enhancing the other’s flavors.

Selecting the right food to pair with your Lavazza Top Class can turn a simple cup into an extraordinary culinary journey, where each sip and bite are mutually enhanced for an unforgettable tasting experience.

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Lavazza’s Commitment to Sustainability

a dirt road with coffee plantation

Lavazza demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability, focusing on climate protection, resource utilization, sustainable design, and environmental responsibility. This commitment is guided by its “Roadmap to Zero” strategy introduced in 2020, aiming to reduce emissions and offset the unavoidable ones. (1)

Key areas of Lavazza’s sustainability efforts include:

  • Biodiversity Preservation: Collaborating with local growers and the Lavazza Foundation, Lavazza strives to protect biodiversity and combat deforestation in coffee-producing regions. Initiatives include supporting reforestation and joining the New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) and the UNDP’s Deforestation-Free Coffee Project in Ecuador.
  • Sustainable Development Projects: These projects assist coffee growers in adopting climate-resilient agricultural practices and promote conservation of valuable ecological areas.
  • Coffee Waste Management: Adhering to circular economy principles, Lavazza efficiently manages waste from its production processes. A significant percentage (89.2%) of its total waste is either recycled or recovered, and 97% of vegetable waste from its Italian plants is converted into organic fertilizer.

Through these initiatives, Lavazza sets a benchmark in the coffee industry for environmental stewardship and ethical practices.


Lavazza Top Class: Pros and Cons

Lavazza Top Class is a blend that aims to bring a touch of Italian espresso culture into homes and cafes around the world. Like any coffee blend, it comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages that can affect a consumer’s decision. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons.


  • Flavorful Blend: Lavazza Top Class offers a rich and complex flavor profile, with a perfect balance between the spiced sweetness of Arabica beans and the full-bodied strength of Robusta beans.
  • Versatility: This blend is suitable for a variety of brewing methods, from espresso to Moka pot, French press, drip coffee machines and even coffee pods, accommodating different coffee preferences and rituals.
  • Aroma: The aroma of Top Class is robust and inviting, with notable hints of chocolate and cinnamon, providing an excellent sensory experience from the moment the bag is opened.
  • Quality Beans: The beans are hand-selected and sourced from high-altitude regions of Central and South America, ensuring a consistent quality and taste.
  • Brand Heritage: Lavazza has over a century of coffee roasting experience, which is reflected in the craftsmanship of their Top Class blend.


  • Inconsistency in Roast: Some users may find variations in the roast from batch to batch, which can slightly alter the expected flavor profile.
  • Packaging: While the packaging maintains the freshness of the beans, it could be improved with more sustainable materials to align with environmental concerns.
  • Price Point: The price may be higher than other blends on the market, which could be a deciding factor for budget-conscious consumers.
  • Intensity: For new coffee drinkers or those with a preference for lighter roasts, the intensity of the Top Class blend might be overwhelming.

How we rate and review Lavazza Top Class Coffee

a bag of lavazza top class coffee on a table

Flavor Profile: 5/5

Lavazza Top Class exhibits a sophisticated flavor profile that balances spiced sweetness with the robustness expected from a premium blend. The interplay of Arabica and Robusta beans results in a delightful equilibrium of bitter and sweet, enriched with undercurrents of dark chocolate and cinnamon. It’s a full-bodied coffee that appeases the palate with its complexity and depth.

Aroma: 5/5

The aroma of Top Class is nothing short of alluring. Upon brewing, there’s an immediate release of spiced sweetness that sets the stage for an indulgent coffee experience. It’s an aroma that promises quality and delivers it, providing a first impression that is both inviting and indicative of the rich espresso tradition.

Bean Quality: 4/5

Lavazza’s commitment to quality is evident in the bean selection for the Top Class Coffee. The blend of hand-selected Arabica and Robusta beans from Central and South America is impressive. However, we deducted one star due to occasional inconsistencies in the roast from batch to batch, which can slightly alter the flavor nuances that aficionados cherish.

Versatility in Brewing: 5/5

A remarkable trait of Lavazza Top Class is its versatility. It performs exceptionally well across a range of brewing methods, from espresso to Moka pot, and French press to drip. This adaptability makes it a staple for various coffee drinkers, whether they seek the convenience of a pod or the ritual of a manual brew.

Packaging and Sustainability: 4/5

The packaging of this coffee  is practical and professional, ensuring the beans’ freshness. However, in terms of sustainability, while Lavazza has made strides in their environmental initiatives, the packaging could be improved with more eco-friendly materials. We believe there is room for innovation here to match their commitment to sustainability.

Flavor Profile
Bean Quality
Versatility in Brewing
Packaging and Sustainability
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Conclusion – Guru’s Score Verdict: 4.6/5

Concluding our review, Lavazza Top Class earns a commendable 4.6 out of 5 stars, with its rich, full-bodied flavor and aromatic depth standing out. Ideal for the espresso lover who savors a bold, classic Italian brew, this coffee also caters to those who value versatility, as it shines across various brewing methods, including lavazza top class pods. It’s best suited for the connoisseur who delights in a medium to dark roast and is willing to invest in quality, though its robustness may not cater to the palate of those who prefer lighter roasts.

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