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As an Amazon Associate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.

In an ever-evolving coffee landscape, selecting the right equipment can be as crucial as choosing your beans. The Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder has made a buzz in recent years, prompting coffee enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike to ponder its value. Is this machine genuinely a game-changer in the coffee grinding world, or is it just another appliance lost in the myriad of options? Dive into our comprehensive Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder Review 2024, as the team at The Coffee Guru delves deep, unpacking the nuances and determining whether it’s truly worth your investment.

Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder: Key Takeaway

  • Affordable Price Point: The Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder offers an attractive price, making it a competitive choice against basic blade grinders and other entry-level burr grinders in the market.
  • User-Friendly Features: With a sizable hopper capacity, intuitive dial settings, and an easy grind-level adjustment process, the grinder promotes consistency and convenience in daily coffee preparation.
  • Design Considerations: While the device incorporates several thoughtful design elements, areas like the hopper’s angle, lid placement, and the coffee exit port show room for improvement, affecting its user experience.
  • Maintenance Concerns: Regular cleaning, especially of the ground coffee reservoir, is essential to prevent coffee dust build-up and potential clogging, emphasizing the importance of routine maintenance for optimal performance.
  • Entry-Level Positioning: While the Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder stands out as a superior option compared to basic blade grinders, those seeking high-end perfection might want to explore other premium options, even as the grinder offers commendable value for its price point.

Guru’s Score Verdict

Exploring the Features: Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder

mr coffee burr grinder  with coffee beans in a glass container

Diving into the world of coffee grinding, the Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder emerges as a front-runner with its impressive suite of features. This comprehensive exploration will unveil its design intricacies, grinding prowess, and user-centric innovations, illuminating why it’s a top choice for coffee aficionados.

Design and Build Quality

a coffee beans being poured into a bowl

The Mr. Coffee Cafe Grind 18-Cup Automatic Burr Grinder isn’t just about top-tier grinding capabilities. The design aesthetics and robust build quality make it a standout addition to any kitchen. Here’s a comprehensive look at the design intricacies and the overall build quality of this masterpiece:

Modern Aesthetics

  • Sleek Stainless Steel Finish: The grinder boasts a sleek stainless steel design, ensuring that it doesn’t just perform efficiently but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen decor. This contemporary finish is not just about aesthetics; it also offers resilience against common wear and tear.
  • Compact Dimensions: Measuring at 8.2 x 5.3 x 11.5 inches, the grinder’s compactness is designed to optimize counter space. Its subtle footprint ensures it integrates seamlessly, whether you have a spacious kitchen or are working with limited space.

Robust Build Features

  • Stainless Steel Construction: Beyond its shimmering appeal, the stainless steel material provides strength and durability. This ensures that the grinder can withstand regular usage without compromising its structural integrity.
  • Integrated Cord Storage: A small yet crucial feature. The integrated cord storage ensures that your countertop remains clutter-free, emphasizing the grinder’s commitment to both form and function.
  • Spacious Bean Hopper: The generous size of the bean hopper, designed to hold up to 8 oz. of beans, speaks volumes about its ability to cater to both individual and group brewing needs. Plus, its easy removal mechanism simplifies the cleaning process.

User-Centric Features

  • Safety Mechanisms: The automatic shutoff feature is a testament to the grinder’s user-centric design. This ensures that the machine turns off immediately after grinding, promoting user safety.
  • Weight and Portability: Weighing in at just 3.75 lb, the grinder combines sturdiness with portability, making it easy to move or store as needed.

The Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder perfectly marries form with function. Its modern design elements, coupled with a robust build quality, ensure that it not only looks great on your countertop but also stands the test of time, offering consistent performance for years to come.

Grinding Capabilities & Settings

a hand pressing a button of a burr grinder

The Mr. Coffee Cafe Grind 18-Cup Automatic Burr Grinder prides itself on its advanced grinding capabilities, ensuring that every coffee lover finds their perfect grind. Understanding these capabilities and settings is essential for maximizing the potential of this grinder. Let’s delve deep into the grinding prowess of this machine:

Precision and Consistency

At the heart of the grinder’s efficiency lies its Flat Burr Plates. These plates guarantee that each grind is uniform, resulting in a consistently delightful coffee experience every time. This consistency is key to extracting the rich flavors and aromas from your coffee beans, irrespective of your chosen brew method.

Versatility of Grind Settings

  • One of the standout features of the Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder is its impressive range of grind settings.
    • With 18 grind presets, users have the liberty to explore everything from very coarse to ultra-fine grinds. This versatility ensures that the grinder caters to an array of coffee preparations, whether you’re in the mood for a French press or seeking the intensity of an espresso shot.
    • These settings also mean you can customize your grind based on the brewing method, allowing for optimal extraction and flavor.

Customizable Quantity

  • Beyond grind size, the machine provides options to determine the quantity of your grind.
    • The 2-18 cup selector is an innovative feature that ensures you grind just the right amount, enhancing the freshness of your brew. Whether you’re making coffee just for yourself or serving a group, the grinder has you covered.

Safety and Automation

  • The grinder’s design ensures that even with its advanced capabilities, the user’s safety is never compromised.
    • The automatic shutoff feature is a testament to this, ensuring that the machine powers down immediately after completing the grind.

The grinding capabilities and diverse settings of the Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder make it a formidable tool for any coffee enthusiast. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or someone just beginning their coffee journey, this grinder offers the versatility, precision, and safety to cater to all your coffee grinding needs.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

a coffee maker and hand pouring ground coffee into a container

Maintaining the Mr. Coffee Cafe Grind 18-Cup Automatic Burr Grinder is integral to guarantee optimal performance over its lifespan. By following a set of carefully structured guidelines, you can ensure its longevity and consistent grinding capability. Here’s a step-by-step approach to maintaining your grinder:

Initial Setup & Safety

  • Before your inaugural use, conduct a detailed cleaning of the entire grinder. This step ensures it’s devoid of manufacturing residues or any contaminants.
  • Always remember, safety comes first. Make it a habit to unplug the grinder before you embark on any cleaning or maintenance procedures.

Grind Chamber and Bean Hopper

  • The Grind Chamber is user-friendly. For removal, all it takes is a gentle tug, pulling it away from the main grinder unit.
  • The Bean Hopper requires a slight rotation for removal:
    • Rotate it counterclockwise until the arrow on the hopper aligns with the unlock symbol on the base. This movement allows for easy detachment.
    • For cleaning, lukewarm soapy water is ideal. But, ensure to steer clear of abrasive cleaning agents or materials that might scratch or harm its surface.
    • Post-cleaning, it’s vital to thoroughly dry all parts before you start the reassembly process. It’s worth noting that the grinder components are not suitable for dishwasher cleaning.

Upper Burr Cleaning

  • Located right beneath the Bean Hopper, the upper burr occasionally requires cleaning, especially if beans get trapped.
    • To extract this, turn the Removable Top Burr Grip clockwise until it feels fixed. Then, ease it out.
    • A brush, typically provided with the grinder, is your go-to tool for cleaning this part.
    • When reinstalling, ensure it’s correctly positioned. Rotate the grip counterclockwise until you hear the reassuring clicks, indicating it’s snugly fit.


  • The Bean Hopper should be the first to be restored. Begin by lining its arrow with the unlock symbol on the grinder’s base. A clockwise twist ensures it’s locked in place.
  • To seal the deal, place the Chamber Lid on the Grind Chamber. Push the setup into the grinder till you feel it lock in securely.

Diligence in following these steps not only ensures the longevity of your Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder but also guarantees each grind’s perfection, cup after cup.

From Beans to Brew: The Impact on Coffee Quality

a cup of coffee on a saucer surrounded by coffee beans

For any coffee enthusiast, the journey from beans to the perfect brew is nothing short of a ritual. The grind consistency, the equipment used, and the techniques employed can all profoundly impact the quality and flavor of the coffee. Let’s delve deep into how the Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder affects your daily cup and its influence on achieving unmatched coffee quality.

Understanding the Importance of Grind Consistency

The grind of your coffee beans plays a pivotal role in shaping the flavor and strength of your brew. Let’s delve into why consistency in grinding is paramount for the ideal cup of coffee.

  • Consistency is Key: The uniformity of your coffee grind plays a pivotal role in the extraction process. Inconsistent grinds can lead to both over-extraction and under-extraction in the same brew. Opting for finer grounds beyond the automatic drip coffee maker’s requirements might intensify the coffee’s taste, sometimes even causing a filter overflow. Conversely, coarser grounds might dilute the coffee’s flavor.
  • Tailoring to Taste: Achieving the perfect balance requires experimentation and understanding. For example, for a more robust coffee, it’s recommended to fine-tune the grind setting to medium or even fine consistency. Remember, the grind has to be tailored to your brewing method, whether that’s a French press, espresso, or drip coffee.

How Mr. Coffee’s Burr Grinder Influences Flavor

a dial of mr coffee burr grinder

The right equipment can significantly enhance your coffee experience. Discover how the precision and features of Mr. Coffee’s Burr Grinder can impact and elevate the flavors in your brew.

  • Precision in Grinding: In our Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder review, we found that the device offers incredible precision. Especially when brewing espresso, setting the Burr Grinder to a fine grind ensures you get a potent flavor. An incorrect grind consistency, such as medium or coarse, might not deliver the desired espresso taste.
  • Adherence to Product Guidelines: The manufacturer provides insightful guidelines to enhance the grinding experience. For instance, for 2 oz. of espresso coffee, it’s suggested to use 2 tsp of fine grind and adjust the timer appropriately. Such guidelines ensure you get the most out of your beans and your equipment.
  • Motor Care: To maintain its efficacy and prevent overheating, it’s crucial not to grind more than two full bean hoppers consecutively. If the grinder stops due to consecutive cycles, ensure it cools down for about an hour before resuming use.

Achieving Your Desired Coffee Strength with Mr. Coffee

a coffee maker and a person pouring coffee into a cup

From a mild morning cup to a strong evening brew, everyone has their preferred coffee strength. Explore how the Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder allows you to tailor your brew strength to perfection.

  • Tuning the Settings: Depending on the strength you prefer, you can adjust the quantity of coffee grounds and the grind’s coarseness or fineness. For instance, when manually brewing coffee in a percolator or using a French press, it’s advised to opt for coarser settings and adjust the timer considering the higher volume of coarser grounds.
  • Ensuring Freshness: One fundamental principle that every coffee lover should remember is the importance of freshness. While the Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder has been designed for optimal performance, avoid storing coffee beans in the hopper for extended durations. Fresh beans not only provide better flavor but also ensure smoother grinding.
  • Regular Maintenance: Cleaning after every third use and setting the grinder to its coarsest setting post-use, running it empty, can help maintain grind consistency. It clears the grinding path and ensures longevity.

With tools like the Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder and a keen understanding of the grinding process, coffee lovers can take their brewing experience to unparalleled heights.

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About Mr. Coffee

a close up of coffee beans

Originating as a beacon of innovation, Mr. Coffee, under Newell Brands, reshaped the automatic drip-brew coffee scene. Its journey from the 1970s to the present day embodies not just brewing expertise but an industry-wide revolution. (1)

The Brewing Pioneer

  • Origins: The 1970s marked Mr. Coffee’s birth, when Vincent Marotta and Samuel Glazer established North American Systems in Cleveland. Their vision? An automatic drip coffeemaker that would redefine home brewing.
  • Revolution: Moving away from the bitter taste often associated with percolators, the Mr. Coffee machine introduced a consistent brewing temperature, ensuring a uniformly delicious flavor. The brand’s thermosyphon mechanism further maintained the coffee’s richness by preventing continuous reheating.

Celebrity Endorsements and Growth

  • Branding: 1973 saw baseball legend Joe DiMaggio becoming the face of Mr. Coffee, skyrocketing the brand’s sales and appeal.

Innovations and Expansions

  • Diversification: The 1990s was a period of exploration for Mr. Coffee. The brand ventured into creating diverse kitchen appliances like the Potato Perfect, Food Dehydrator, and the unique Mrs. Tea Hot Tea Maker.
  • Corporate Shifts: Post the 1980s, Mr. Coffee experienced several ownership changes, finally aligning with Jarden by 2005.

Embracing Modern Technology

  • Optimal Brew: The introduction of “Optimal Brew” technology set Mr. Coffee apart. This method rapidly heats water to an ideal 195–200 °F, allowing for quick and efficient brewing while retaining authentic coffee flavor.
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Is Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder Right for You?

The quest for the perfect coffee grinder often leads us down a path of extensive research and comparisons. In the sea of options available, the Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder has emerged as a notable contender. But how does it fare when scrutinized under the microscope of user experience and practicality? Let’s delve into its strengths and areas of improvement to assist you in determining its suitability for your needs.

Pros and Cons at a Glance


  • Diverse Configurations: The Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder boasts a range of settings that cater to various coffee preferences.
  • Manufacturer Support: With the backing of a renowned manufacturer, users can benefit from an abundance of replacement parts and supplies.
  • Generous Capacity: Its bean reservoir is designed to hold a significant quantity, reducing the frequency of refills for avid coffee drinkers.
  • User-friendly Dial: Ensures consistency by allowing users to set the desired coffee quantity with ease.
  • Ease of Cleaning: The device simplifies the maintenance routine, making it hassle-free for regular users.
  • Attractive Price Point: The grinder’s cost is only slightly higher than a basic blade grinder, making it a good value proposition for those seeking a step up in grind quality without a major price leap.


  • Inconsistencies in Grinding: Some users have pointed out variable grinding performance, with the grinder displaying better proficiency at coarse settings compared to fine ones.
  • Clogging Issues: The grinder’s exit port is prone to blockages from coffee dust accumulation, which can halt the grinding process. Cleaning it, though essential, can be cumbersome.
  • Storage Limitations: The bean hopper isn’t airtight, making it unsuitable for storing beans over extended periods.
  • Gravity-Dependent Mechanism: The gravity-based bean feeding system occasionally results in inconsistent grinding outcomes.
  • Material Concerns: While the grinder boasts many strengths, the use of inexpensive materials in parts of its construction has raised questions about its long-term durability.
  • Entry-level Considerations: While definitely superior to blade grinders, it still shows some design oversights typical of entry-level burr grinders.

For those contemplating a Mr. Coffee burr grinder, it’s imperative to match the product’s capabilities with one’s individual requirements. This grinder is particularly suited for:

  • Frequent Coffee Drinkers: Given its generous bean capacity, it serves well for those who consume coffee multiple times a day.
  • Users Prioritizing Easy Maintenance: If a straightforward cleaning process ranks high on your list, this grinder doesn’t disappoint.
  • Brewers Preferring Coarser Grinds: The grinder’s proficiency leans towards coarser settings, making it a good fit for brew methods like French Press.

However, it might not be the ideal choice for aficionados seeking ultra-fine grinds or those wanting to store beans in the hopper for prolonged periods.

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How We Rate And Review The Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder 

mr coffee burr grinder with coffee beans in a glass container

Design and Build Quality: 3/5

The Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder offers a modern design that would fit well in most kitchen settings. The user interface is intuitive, and the build, for the most part, feels robust. However, the use of inexpensive materials in some sections, notably in non-primary components, does raise some concerns. While these choices might have been made to keep costs down, they could potentially affect the product’s long-term durability. For a device that many coffee enthusiasts would use daily, durability is paramount, and thus a full rating can’t be granted in this category.

Functionality and Ease of Use: 4/5

When it comes to user experience, the grinder does score well. With a range of grinding settings, it caters to various coffee preferences, from coarse to fine. The generous bean reservoir means fewer refills for regular users, and the interface is relatively straightforward. However, the gravity-dependent bean feeding mechanism sometimes causes inconsistencies in the grinding outcomes. This sporadic deviation from an otherwise smooth operation leads to a one-star deduction.

Grinding Performance: 3/5

For the most part, the Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder performs its primary function – grinding – reasonably well. It particularly shines at coarser settings, perfect for brew methods like the French Press. However, the grinder’s proficiency does dip at finer settings, which is a concern for those who favor espresso or other fine-grind methods. The occasional variable grinding performance and uneven proficiency across different settings lead to a two-star reduction.

Maintenance: 4/5

A standout feature of this grinder is its effortless cleaning process. Simplifying the maintenance routine is a boon for regular users, ensuring that the grinder can be kept in optimal condition with minimal fuss. However, the non-airtight nature of the bean hopper does pose some challenges, especially for those who might want to store beans for extended periods. This particular aspect, while not directly related to cleaning, is a part of the broader maintenance category and warrants a one-star deduction.

Value for Money: 4/5

Taking into account its range of features, performance, and the backing of a renowned manufacturer, the Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder offers commendable value for its price point. Replacement parts and supplies are readily available, a significant advantage for long-term users. However, the use of some inexpensive materials and a few performance inconsistencies do suggest areas for improvement. Thus, while it offers solid value, there’s still room for enhancement, leading to a one-star reduction.

Design and Build Quality
Functionality and Ease of Use
Grinding Performance
Value for Money
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Conclusion – Guru’s Final Score Verdict: 3.5/5

Navigating the myriad intricacies of coffee grinding equipment can greatly influence the end result – that coveted morning cup. Delving deep into our Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder Review, it becomes apparent that while the device boasts certain commendable attributes, especially when compared to basic blade grinders, there are undeniable areas requiring improvement. It comes through as a worthy contender for those venturing into the world of burr grinders without stretching their budget. The Coffee Guru team gives it a respectable score of 3.5 out of 5. Its affordability coupled with user-friendly features makes it appealing, yet it might fall a tad short for the discerning coffee aficionado. As with all products, its strengths and limitations will resonate differently depending on individual preferences and needs.


When purchasing a burr grinder, consider grind size adjustability, build quality, hopper capacity, noise levels, and ease of cleaning.

It's recommended to clean your Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder after every use to prevent coffee dust build-up and maintain optimal performance.

Yes, grind consistency plays a pivotal role in extraction, with uneven grinds leading to over or under-extraction, affecting the flavor profile.

The Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder is versatile enough for various grind sizes, making it suitable for both espresso and drip coffee preparations.

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