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As an Amazon Associate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.

Are you someone that loves working out? Perhaps you’re trying out a diet of some sort to shed some weight or gain some muscle? If so, then you’re probably well aware of protein supplements, like protein bars and protein powders. But have you ever thought about adding protein powder into your coffee? One of the frequently asked questions by gym-going coffee drinkers is about the combination of coffee and protein powder. Let’s take a look at and see what dieticians have to say about this subject. This article is written to address the science and advantages of putting protein powder like Whey, Collagen, and Soy into your coffee. But before we jump into that, let’s take a little moment to revise our knowledge of coffee and protein powder.


Coffee is an energy booster that prepares and strengthens the body muscles for rigorous activities, and that’s why it’s advisable to take coffee before workouts. Protein, on the other hand, is a muscle builder, and it’s famously known for its ability to build and repair worn out tissues in the body. So what do you think? I can hear you say what a perfect combination. Well, let’s not waste any more time and dive into the subject.

What Is Protein Coffee?

Protein-infused coffee or protein coffee is the combination of protein powder and coffee. This combination can provide you with multiple benefits. The first set of benefits being the antioxidant properties, appetite suppression and stimulating and energizing effect that the caffeine offers. Second, is the nutritional value that the protein powder offers. Fusing protein powder with your coffee can also help you shed extra weight, especially if you’re on a low carb diet or keto. 

The Science Of Protein-Infused Coffee 

The quest to know the appropriateness of protein coffee has led to researches and several discussions with health practitioners and experts in the food sector. And from all angles, there’s nothing wrong in taking protein-infused coffee. 

One of the discussions held about this topic is by two nutritionists by the name of Monica Auslander Moreno, and Sameera Khan. Throughout their interview on the Eat This, Not That blog, both personalities agree that taking a protein-coffee combination is very beneficial to human health and state of mind. 

So let’s examine the significance of each component on the human system. Coffee, the energy booster can give strength to the body muscles by causing an effect known as a catabolic reaction. And this reaction is responsible for the breakdown of complex energy so that the body gets the necessary strength to perform actions.

Meanwhile, protein does the opposite. It causes the anabolic reaction that helps the body in restoring the lost energy. So, while your body exhausts the energy provided by coffee, protein is working hard to give it back. Moreover, adding protein powder will improve the nutritional value of the beverage.

We will talk more about the benefits of this mixture in the next section of this post. But from the little that has been said, you can see that the intake of coffee and protein powder is scientifically supported. 

Benefits Of Drinking Protein Coffee

There are lots to benefit from protein coffee, and here are some of them. 

Protein Coffee Is A Perfect Replacement For Your Breakfast

Everyone loves coffee because it provides us with that much-needed boost in the mornings to get to our job and start our daily tasks. But sometimes we wake up late and don’t have enough time to make breakfast, and this is where protein coffee works perfectly. So by taking protein coffee, you won’t just be getting the energy required to start your day, but you will also be getting an extra nutritional boost without having to worry about getting your breakfast in. 

Protein-Infused Coffee Helps With Weight Loss


Losing weight and maintaining a moderate body shape can cost long hours of workouts and discipline. Incorporating protein-infused coffee into your diet can help you shed those extra pounds. Like mentioned above, protein coffee makes an excellent breakfast replacement. Drinking protein coffee will satisfy your urge for food, curb your appetite and boost your metabolism while providing you with the energy needed for your daily activities. It will also decrease the number of calories you consume each day. Protein coffee can also boost your gym workouts if taken 30 minutes to an hour before your workout. 

It Prevents Muscle Loss Caused By Ageing

Ageing, as we all know is a factor that always wants to deny us of our youthful form and shape. However, coupling coffee and protein powder with regular exercise will help in keeping one’s form and also avoid the formation of fats that can lead to obesity and diseases like high blood pressure.

Protein coffee does this by providing you with the strength needed for exercising your muscles. And by regularly exercising your muscles, fats won’t have a resting space in your body, giving you the chance to remain healthy and prolong your youth for a longer period.

For best results, it’s best to mix your coffee with high-quality protein powders like whey protein, which packs a great amount of leucine. Leucine is an essential amino acid that aids with muscle repair and growth and can prevent the breakdown of muscles with age. Whey proteins tend to pack 10% of Leucine, while other proteins like soy and casein hold 8%.(1)

Protein Coffee Reduces The Risk Of Heart Attacks

Are you looking for a way to avoid heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases? Consuming coffee and protein powder can improve your body’s circulation and lower bad cholesterol, improving your cardiovascular health. A study has shown that consuming 54 grams of whey protein can reduce Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, which is the leading cause in heart attacks and other cardiovascular conditions. (2) (3) 

It Improves The State Of Mind 


Protein coffee can boost your mental alertness. Caffeine, the major component of coffee is known for influencing brain receptors and causing them to reduce the risk of stress, pain, anxiety, and depression. It also boosts your concentration and helps you minimize sleepiness and weariness. According to a study, coffee can also reduce both motor and cognitive deficits, along with memory loss.

The Potential Drawbacks Of Protein Coffee

Protein coffee can satisfy your hunger and keep your appetite at bay, but If you’re someone that enjoys whole foods and has time to prepare and cook meals, then you’re better off making a protein-rich breakfast. The nutrition in a full breakfast will be a lot more rewarding than just a coffee mixed with protein.  

Also, when mixing proteins with coffee, its important that you pay attention to the ingredients in your powder. You may come across a few protein powders that are stuffed with sugars, artificial sweeteners, and other unfamiliar additives that may be harmful. So be cautious. 

How to Make Protein Coffee

Making protein coffee is extremely straightforward, but there are a few things you need to consider. If you’re looking to mix protein into your freshly brewed hot coffee here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Allow Your Coffee To Cool

Mixing protein powder into hot coffee will most likely result in curdling powder. So it’s best to allow the coffee to cool. While this isn’t the best option for people who need to quickly slam a coffee down before they head to work.  

The best approach for mixing protein powder into a hot coffee is by adding some milk or cream to cool the coffee down. Then slowly sprinkle protein into the cup while stirring so you can dissolve the protein as best as possible.  

Now, if you take your coffee black then sprinkle the protein slowly into your cup and stir until you’ve dissolved the powder to the best of your ability, any remaining clumps you can squeeze against the side of your cup to try and dissolve.

For best results, use a blender. If you own a blender with a removable plastic insert, cautiously blend the hot coffee by placing a towel loosely over the top of the lid.

Prepare Your Coffee In Advance 

With a bit of preplanning, you can brew a large batch of coffee and then refrigerate it for your “protein coffee”. So when you’re ready to head out you can quickly mix it, add some ice and enjoy a nice iced protein coffee for the road. If you own a blender, you can blend it into a nice protein coffee smoothie. Maybe even add a banana or two?! 

Pre-made Protein Coffee

Strong Coffee Company


When it comes to mixing coffee with protein these guys do it best! The Strong Coffee Company are revolutionizing the coffee + supplement game with the creation of their premier ready to go coffee mixture. This mixture brings a healthy coffee experience to the consumer by offering a mix of instant organic coffee with MCT oil and grass-fed collagen protein. Not only will this give you that much-desired boost in the morning, but will fuel your mind so that you can focus and accomplish your daily tasks with ease. For more information about The Strong Coffee Company and their range of coffee products and flavours, click more info below.

STRONG Coffee not for you? Check out some of these delicious coffee and protein solutions down below:


So whether you’re training or you’re looking to shed some weight, protein coffee is an excellent way to get the protein you need to gain muscle or to fill you up when you have no time for breakfast. It’s extremely easy to make, convenient and serves us with many coffee health benefits and protein nutrition. So the next time you hit the gym or don’t have much time for breakfast, give protein coffee a chance! 



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