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As an Amazon Associate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.

The French Press is a beloved staple in the world of home coffee brewing, revered for its straightforward technique and the rich taste it can produce. This Bayka French Press Coffee Maker Review will explore how this model stands up to the task. We take a close look at its features, from design to durability, and how they contribute to the ritual of brewing a perfect cup. As enthusiasts search for the ideal brewing companion amidst an ever-growing array of coffee gear, we offer clear and expert insights. This review is crafted to help you decide if this coffee press fits seamlessly into your daily coffee routine.

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  • Introduction & Key Highlights
  • Overview of Bayka French Press
  • Bayka Brewing Performance Evaluation
  • Best Practices for Using Bayka French Press
  • Accessorizing Your Bayka French Press
  • Bayka French Press Coffee Maker: Pros and Cons
  • How We Rate and Review the Bayka French Press
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Bayka French Press Coffee Maker: Key Highlights

  • Design and Materials: The Bayka French Press features an elegant design with a choice of classic copper and dark pewter colors, crafted with high-quality borosilicate glass and stainless steel components for durability and style.
  • Capacity Options: It is available in two sizes – 34 oz and 21 oz – catering to different user needs, whether it’s for individual use or serving a small group.
  • Advanced Filtration System: Equipped with a 4-level filtration system, including a metal mesh filter and spring disk, this coffee press ensures a clean, sediment-free coffee experience.
  • Heat Resistance and Durability: The use of borosilicate glass makes the coffee press resistant to thermal shock and high temperatures, enhancing its durability for long-term use.
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance: The Bayka Glass Coffee Press is designed for simple disassembly, with dishwasher-safe parts, and comes with a coffee scoop and measurement guides, making both brewing and cleaning convenient and efficient.

Guru’s Score Verdict

Overview of Bayka French Press

a bayka french press coffee maker on a counter

The Bayka French Press is an epitome of elegance and efficiency in the world of coffee brewing. Designed for those who cherish both aesthetic appeal and superior functionality, this coffee press stands out with its exemplary craftsmanship and innovative features.

Design and Build Quality

The Bayka glass coffee press distinguishes itself with an elegant and durable design. Its unique combination of materials and aesthetics makes it a standout piece in any kitchen.

  • Elegant Aesthetics: Featuring classic copper and dark pewter color schemes, it complements a range of kitchen decors with its timeless charm.
  • Quality Materials: The use of high-quality borosilicate glass ensures durability and resistance to thermal shock, while the stainless steel components add to its longevity.

Capacity and Size Variants

Bayka Press offers versatility with its varying capacities, catering to individual needs and preferences.

  • Size Options: Available in 34 oz (1-liter) and 21 oz variants, it serves both personal and group coffee needs.
  • Ideal for Groups and Individuals: The larger size is perfect for small groups or multiple servings, while the smaller size suits individual use or smaller servings.

Unique Features and Innovations

Innovation is at the heart of the Bayka French Press, with features designed to enhance the coffee brewing experience.

  • Advanced Filtration System: It boasts a 4-level filtration system, ensuring a sediment-free coffee experience.
  • Convenience Features: User-friendly elements like the anti-drip feature, coffee scoop, and measurement guides enhance the brewing process, making it a breeze for any coffee lover.
  • Easy Maintenance: Designed for hassle-free cleaning, with dishwasher-safe components, it ensures a trouble-free maintenance experience.

Bayka Brewing Performance Evaluation

barista pouring water into a coffee maker

When examining the coffee press’s performance, we delve into how it brews, retains heat, and the ease with which it can be maintained. Each of these facets contributes to the overall quality and enjoyment of the coffee-making experience.

Brewing Efficiency and Taste Quality

The Bayka Press is designed for those who seek efficiency without compromising on taste. Precision in coffee brewing is made simple with the Bayka French Press, featuring a double scale line to gauge the perfect balance between water and coffee grounds.

  • Measured Perfection: The inclusion of a free scoop and measurement guides ensures you use the exact amount of coffee, with markings for 3, 5, and 7 scoops corresponding to 13.5 oz, 20 oz, and 27 oz of water, respectively.
  • Flavor Excellence: This meticulous approach to measurement aids in achieving a consistently rich and full-bodied brew, capturing the coffee’s natural oils and authentic flavors for a perfect cup every time.

Heat Retention and Insulation

The Bayka French Press is designed to handle extreme temperatures, a feature that greatly contributes to its heat retention capabilities.

  • Borosilicate Glass: The carafe is made from borosilicate glass, known for its ability to withstand temperature changes from as low as -50°C (-58°F) to as high as 150°C (302°F), ensuring the coffee stays hot without risking cracks or breakage.
  • Temperature Resilience: This thermal resilience ensures that the coffee’s temperature is maintained, offering a warm cup even after brewing, without the need for a double-walled construction.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

The Bayka is as convenient to clean as it is to use, making maintenance a breeze.

  • Simplified Cleaning Process: With its user-friendly design, the French Press can be disassembled for a thorough cleaning, ensuring no residual flavors are left behind.
  • Dishwasher Safe Components: The ease of cleaning is further amplified by the dishwasher-safe elements like the plunger and filter, making the after-coffee cleanup as enjoyable as the brewing itself.
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Best Practices for Using Bayka French Press

a bayka french press coffee maker with a spoon

To get the most out of your Bayka, it’s essential to follow certain best practices that enhance your brewing experience and ensure the longevity of your coffee maker.

Correct Coffee-to-Water Ratio

Finding the right balance between coffee grounds and water is crucial for the perfect brew.

  • Measure Precisely: Use a top coffee scale for accurate measurement of coffee grounds to achieve a consistent flavor profile.
  • Consult Guidelines: Refer to the Bayka French Press’s measurement guide for water levels to ensure the right proportions.

Optimal Water Temperature

The temperature of the water can greatly affect the extraction process and the final taste of the coffee.

  • Heat Properly: Water should be heated to just below boiling, between 195°F to 205°F, which is easily achievable with tools like the Fellow Stagg EKG Gooseneck Kettle for precise temperature control.
  • Preheat the Press: Rinse the French Press with hot water before brewing to maintain the temperature throughout the brewing process.

Brewing Time and Technique

The brewing time and technique are important to avoid over-extraction or under-extraction of coffee flavors.

  • Time Your Brew: A total brew time of about 4 minutes is recommended for a balanced extraction.
  • Stir Gently: After adding water to the coffee grounds, give it a gentle stir to ensure even brewing.
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Accessorizing Your Bayka French Press

a bayka french press coffee maker and a coffee pot

Enhancing your French Press setup with the right accessories can elevate your coffee brewing experience to a professional level.

Precision Kettles and Grinders

The right kettle and grinder can make a significant difference in the quality of your brew.

  • Gooseneck Kettle: Pour over kettles provide precise pouring and temperature control, vital for the perfect extraction.
  • Burr Grinder: A top burr grinder will give you consistent ground size, crucial for even brewing and flavor.

Coffee Scales and Timers

For those who are serious about their coffee, precision is key.

  • Digital Scales: Using digital coffee scales ensures the correct amount of coffee is used every time.
  • Integrated Timers: Some scales come with built-in timers, helping you keep track of your brewing time for consistent results.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tools

Keeping your French Press clean is as important as the brewing itself.

  • Soft Brushes: Use a soft brush to clean the filter screen gently to avoid damaging the mesh.
  • Non-Abrasive Sponges: Clean the glass carafe with a non-abrasive sponge to prevent scratches and maintain clarity.

By following these best practices and accessorizing appropriately, you can ensure that every cup of coffee from your Bayka press is as delightful as the one before it.

Bayka French Press Coffee Maker: Pros and Cons

The Bayka French Press Coffee Maker is well-regarded in the coffee community, but it’s important to weigh its strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a concise look at its pros and cons.


  • Aesthetic Appeal: Boasts a classic design with copper and dark pewter options that enhance kitchen decor.
  • Flavorful Brew: Designed to preserve coffee’s natural oils and flavors for a sediment-free, rich taste.
  • Durable Construction: Made with thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass, ensuring longevity.
  • Easy to Clean: Features dishwasher-safe components and disassembles easily for cleaning.
  • Effective Filtration: A 4-level filtration system helps produce a clean cup of coffee without sediment.


  • Handle Design: Some users report the handle can slip during use, which might affect pouring stability.
  • Limited Size Options: Only available in 34 oz and 21 oz, which may not suit all serving size needs.
  • Moderate Heat Retention: Lacks a double-walled design, which may affect the coffee’s heat retention over time.

How We Rate and Review the Bayka French Press

a hand pouring a coffee into a cup

Design and Aesthetics: 4.5/5

The Bayka French Press boasts a timeless design with a sophisticated copper and dark pewter color scheme that would be a stylish addition to any kitchen. The transparency of the high-quality borosilicate glass allows coffee aficionados to enjoy the visual pleasure of brewing. We’ve deducted half a star due to the handle design, which, while elegant, has been noted to have minor slippage issues for some users.

Ease of Use: 5/5

With clearly marked measurements, an inclusive coffee scoop, and a straightforward 4-level filtration system, the Bayka Press is extremely user-friendly. It simplifies the coffee-making process, making it accessible even to those new to the French Press method. For its intuitive design and user-friendly features, it earns a full five stars.

Flavor Extraction: 4/5

Bayka’s French Press excels in flavor extraction, preserving the coffee’s natural oils and delivering a rich and pure taste. The filtration system is adept at preventing grit from entering the brew. However, we’ve deducted a star because the flavor extraction can be sensitive to the grind size and brewing time, which requires a bit of a learning curve to perfect.

Durability: 4.5/5

The use of borosilicate glass ensures the Bayka French Press is sturdy and can withstand high temperatures, contributing to its durability. The stainless steel components add to its robustness. The reason for not granting a full five stars is the glass nature of the product which, while durable, requires careful handling compared to all-metal designs.

Versatility: 4/5

This French Press is versatile in terms of its utility, being available in multiple sizes and suitable for brewing both coffee and tea. However, it is not suitable for stovetop use, which limits its versatility slightly, hence the deduction of one star.

Value for Money: 4.5/5

Considering its elegant design, durable materials, and excellent brewing capabilities, the Bayka French Press offers great value for its price point. It’s a worthy investment for those who appreciate quality coffee at home. We’re deducting half a star because there are more affordable options on the market, although they may not match Bayka’s aesthetic appeal.

Design and Aesthetics
Ease of Use
Flavor Extraction
Value for Money
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Conclusion – Guru’s Score Verdict: 4.4/5

Our Bayka French Press Review has determined that this product stands out in the market for its elegant design, robust brewing performance, and commendable durability. With an overall Editor’s Score of 4.4/5, The Coffee Guru team acknowledges the Bayka French Press as a superior choice within its price bracket. It’s particularly well-suited for those who value aesthetic appeal in their kitchen gadgets, without compromising on the quality of their brew. The ease of use makes it ideal for both novices and seasoned coffee brewers who are looking to savor a rich and flavorful coffee experience. While it may not be the perfect fit for someone who needs their coffee to stay hot for extended periods, its heat retention is sufficient for immediate enjoyment, which is often the preference for French Press aficionados. 

Whether you’re starting your coffee journey or looking to add a reliable and stylish French Press Coffee Maker to your collection, the Bayka offers a harmonious blend of form, function, and value that is sure to enhance your daily coffee ritual.


Its elegant design, durable borosilicate glass construction, and a 4-level filtration system for a sediment-free brew make the Bayka French Press stand out.

Yes, this French Press can also be used to brew tea, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen.

Regularly disassemble and clean all parts, use non-abrasive materials for cleaning, and avoid using it on a stovetop to maintain its longevity.

The French Press enhances the coffee's flavor by fully immersing the grounds, resulting in a robust and complex taste profile.

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