As an Amazon Associate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.
As an Amazon Associate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.

For coffee lovers around the world, discovering the perfect roast can elevate the coffee-drinking experience to new heights. Among the various roast levels, Full City Roast stands out for its unique balance of flavor, body, and acidity. But what is Full City Roast exactly? This term refers to a coffee roasting level that brings beans to a medium-dark roast, just at the cusp of the second crack. In this article, we will dive into the intricacies of this roast, comparing it with other roast levels to help you understand its unique place in the coffee roasting spectrum. Whether you are a seasoned coffee drinker or just beginning to explore different coffee styles, this comprehensive guide will enhance your knowledge and appreciation of this type of roast, guiding you toward finding your ideal coffee experience.

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  • Introduction & Key Takeaway
  • Best Full Roast Coffee Brands
  • The Essence of Full City Roast
  • Mastering the Full City Roast Process
  • Taste Testing: Evaluating Full City Roasts
  • Full City Roast vs. Other Roasting Levels
  • Full City Roast Around the World
  • Conclusion & FAQs

 Full City Roast: Key Takeaway

  • Full City Roast Characteristics: Full City Roast is a medium-dark roast level, characterized by a medium-dark brown color, slight oil sheen, and a flavor profile that balances the natural bean flavors with caramelized notes, including chocolate, nuts, and caramel.
  • Roasting Process and Timing: The roasting time and temperature are crucial in achieving this type of roast, where beans are roasted just beyond the first crack but before the second crack, ensuring a rich flavor without excessive bitterness.
  • Global Variations and Cultural Significance: This Roast Type varies globally, influenced by regional coffee terroirs and cultural preferences. In places like Latin America, Africa, and Asia, this roast level highlights different flavor notes, from nutty and sweet to fruity and floral.
  • Comparison with Other Roasts: This kind of roast differs from lighter roasts like City Roast, which are brighter and more acidic, and from darker roasts like Vienna Roast, which have a bolder, smokier flavor.
  • Selection for Personal Preference: Choosing the right roast level, such as Full City Roast, depends on personal taste preferences. It offers a balanced option for those who enjoy rich and complex flavors without the extreme bitterness of darker roasts.

Best Full Roast Coffee Brands

Discovering the best Full Roast coffee brands can be a thrilling journey for coffee enthusiasts. This roast, known for its rich and balanced flavor profile, is a beloved choice for many. Various brands around the world have mastered this roast, each bringing its unique touch to it. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or new to the world of this type of roast, exploring these brands can offer a delightful insight into the depth and variety this roast level has to offer.

Greenwell Farms 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee – Full City Roast

a bag of greenwell farms hawaiian kona coffee on a table
Greenwell Farms 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee – Full City Roast, Whole Bean, 16oz
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Greenwell Farms’ Full City Roast of 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee is a premium whole-bean coffee, renowned for its unique flavor profile and quality. This product falls within the specialty coffee category, particularly appealing to coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts who appreciate a more sophisticated and nuanced coffee experience.

Ideal Consumer Profile:

  • Coffee aficionados who value quality and distinct taste profiles.
  • Individuals who prefer a smooth, full-bodied coffee without the need for additives.
  • People sensitive to acidity in coffee, looking for a milder option.
  • Consumers who appreciate the heritage and traditional methods of coffee production.


  • Price: $58 for a 16oz package.
  • Value: The pricing reflects the premium quality, rarity, and the meticulous process involved in its production. This coffee is suitable for those who see coffee consumption as a luxurious experience rather than just a daily routine.


  • Origin: 100% Kona Coffee, grown in the Kona Coffee Belt on the Big Island.
  • Roast Type: Full City Roast, offering a balanced flavor.
  • Fragrance: Sweet and nutty with chocolate undertones.
  • Taste Notes: Fruity accents, caramel, toasted nuts, and dark chocolate.
  • Recommended Brewing Techniques: Compatible with various methods including drip machines, pour-over, and cold brew.
  • Roasting Frequency: Freshly roasted 2-3 times weekly.


  • Exceptional Flavor: A balanced profile with a combination of fruity, caramel, and nutty flavors, rounded off with chocolate.
  • Quality and Freshness: Regular roasting ensures freshness.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various brewing methods.
  • Smoothness: Ideal for those who prefer coffee without additives due to its smooth, full-bodied nature.
  • Cultural Heritage: Part of a long-standing tradition from one of Kona’s most prominent coffee producers.


  • Availability: Not commonly found in stores; may require special ordering.
  • Seasonal Dependency: The best quality beans depend on seasonal conditions, leading to potential waiting periods.
  • Price Point: Higher cost compared to regular coffee, which might not suit all budgets.

Guru’s Insights: For the true coffee enthusiast, Greenwell Farms’ Kona Coffee represents more than just a morning beverage—it’s an immersive experience. This coffee, with its unique balance of flavors and its storied heritage, offers a taste of the rich coffee culture of Hawaii. The Full City Roast particularly stands out for its harmony of flavors, appealing to those who appreciate the subtleties of a well-crafted coffee. Its price reflects not just the beverage, but the tradition, expertise, and passion that go into every bean. While it might be a premium choice, it promises an unparalleled coffee experience that can transform your daily coffee ritual into a moment of indulgence.

Coffee Bean Direct City Roast Colombian Supremo

a white and red bag of coffee bean direct city roast colombian supremo coffee
Coffee Bean Direct City Roast Colombian Supremo, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag
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The Coffee Bean Direct City Roast Colombian Supremo is a whole-bean coffee that falls under the category of medium roast coffee. It is particularly notable for its kosher certification, making it suitable for a wider range of dietary preferences. This product is ideal for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate a full-bodied flavor profile and a robust aroma, distinguishing it from lighter roast varieties.

Ideal Consumer Profile:

  • Coffee drinkers who prefer a strong, full-flavored cup without bitterness.
  • Individuals with a preference for medium to moderately dark roasts.
  • Consumers seeking kosher-certified coffee options.
  • Enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting with different brewing methods, from traditional drip to modern AeroPress.


  • Price: $53.99 for a 5-pound bag.
  • Value: The price reflects the quality and quantity of the product, offering a cost-effective option for regular coffee drinkers without compromising on taste or quality.


  • Flavor: City Roast Colombian Supremo.
  • Caffeine Content: Caffeinated.
  • Roast Level: Medium Roast.
  • Dietary Preference: Kosher certified.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various brewing methods including iced, cold brew, French press, AeroPress, and pour-over.


  • Rich Flavor: Provides a strong, full-bodied taste without bitterness.
  • Quality Roasting: Medium to moderately dark roast, ensuring a fuller body compared to lighter roasts.
  • Brewing Flexibility: This can be enjoyed using a wide range of brewing techniques.
  • Quantity: The 5-pound bag offers a substantial amount, ideal for regular consumption.
  • Dietary Consideration: Kosher certification broadens its appeal to a diverse audience.


  • Specific Taste Profile: This may not appeal to those who prefer lighter or darker roasts.
  • Bulk Quantity: The large size might not be suitable for casual coffee drinkers or those with limited storage space.

Guru’s Insights: Coffee Bean Direct’s City Roast Colombian Supremo represents an excellent choice for those who cherish a strong and rich coffee experience. Its medium roast level strikes a perfect balance, offering a full-bodied flavor that is robust yet not overpowering. The kosher certification is a thoughtful addition, catering to a broader range of coffee enthusiasts. The 5-pound bag is economically advantageous for regular drinkers, ensuring a consistent supply of quality coffee. This product is a testament to the craftsmanship of Coffee Bean Direct, blending traditional roasting techniques with modern preferences to cater to a wide array of tastes. Whether enjoyed as a morning ritual or a day-long companion, this coffee promises a satisfying and flavorful journey.

Real Good Coffee Company – Full City Roast Espresso Coffee Beans

a brown bag of real good coffee company full city roast espresso coffee beans
Real Good Coffee Company – Whole Bean Coffee – Full City Roast Espresso Coffee Beans – 2 Pound Bag – 100% Whole Arabica Beans – Grind at Home, Brew How You Like
Disclaimer: This ad includes affiliate links from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you. Your support is appreciated.

The Real Good Coffee Company’s Full City Roast Espresso Coffee Beans are a premium whole-bean coffee option, specially designed for espresso enthusiasts. Falling under the category of espresso-specific coffees, this product is ideal for individuals who enjoy a rich, full-bodied brew and prefer the flexibility of grinding their beans at home for the freshest taste.

Ideal Consumer Profile:

  • Espresso lovers seeking a high-quality, richly flavored coffee experience.
  • Home baristas who enjoy the process of grinding beans for a fresh brew.
  • Coffee drinkers who appreciate sustainable and ethically sourced coffee.
  • Individuals who enjoy experimenting with various coffee brewing methods, such as drip or pour-over, in addition to espresso.


  • Price: The product is sold in a 2-pound bag at $32.99, offering substantial quantity and quality.
  • Value: The pricing reflects the premium quality of the Arabica beans and the careful roasting process, making it a worthwhile investment for those who appreciate superior coffee experiences.


  • Flavor: Espresso.
  • Caffeine Content: Caffeinated.
  • Packaging: Comes in a can or bag, ensuring freshness.
  • Roast: Full City Roast, expertly balanced between the first and second crack of the beans.
  • Sustainability: Crafted from premium-quality, organically sourced Arabica beans from fair trade farms.
  • Tasting Notes: Rich Brazil nut and oak flavors, balanced with bright tart grapefruit notes.
  • Versatility: Ideal for espresso but also excellent for other brewing methods.


  • Exceptional Flavor Profile: Offers a rich, deep flavor with a smooth finish.
  • Quality Beans: Sourced from sustainable, fair trade farms and freshly roasted.
  • Versatility in Brewing: Suitable for various brewing methods beyond espresso.
  • Sustainable Practices: Ethically and organically sourced beans, supporting fair trade.
  • Quantity: The 2-pound bag provides a generous amount for regular consumption.


  • Intensity: Some may find the espresso roast less intense than desired for traditional espresso.
  • Niche Appeal: Specifically tailored to espresso enthusiasts, which may not cater to all coffee drinkers.

Guru’s Insights: The Real Good Coffee Company’s Full City Roast Espresso Coffee Beans are an excellent choice for those who cherish a rich and nuanced coffee experience. The care in sourcing and roasting these beans is evident in every cup, offering a complexity of flavors that can elevate any coffee ritual. The sustainable and ethical sourcing of the beans adds an additional layer of value, appealing to environmentally and socially conscious consumers. This product is more than just a coffee; it’s a celebration of the art of coffee making, brought from the heart of Seattle’s renowned coffee culture into your home. For those who appreciate the finer aspects of coffee brewing and enjoy the full experience from bean to cup, this coffee is an outstanding choice.

100% Kona Coffee

The Essence of Full City Roast

This type of roast represents a specific point in the roasting process of coffee beans. This roasting stage is crucial in defining the unique attributes of the coffee. When we consider what is full city roast, it’s essential to understand that it’s a precise balance in roasting, bringing out a rich flavor profile without reaching the intensity of a dark roast.

Understanding the Full City Roast Profile

a pile of full city roast coffee beans

This roast level is typically achieved when the beans have passed the first crack and are approaching the second crack. The key characteristics of a Full City Roast Coffee include:

  • Color: A medium-dark brown with a slight oil sheen on the surface.
  • Acidity: Reduced acidity compared to lighter roasts.
  • Body: A fuller body that balances richness and flavor intensity.
  • Flavor Notes: A harmonious blend of the bean’s natural flavors with the deeper, caramelized notes developed during roasting.

The Impact of Roasting Time

a wooden spoon full of full city roast coffee beans

The duration of the roasting process plays a pivotal role in achieving the desired profile of this coffee roast type. 

  • Flavor Development: Roasting time allows for the development of deeper flavors like chocolate, nuts, and caramel.
  • Aroma Enhancement: The roasting process enhances the aroma, making it more robust and complex. (1)
  • Acidity and Sweetness: It strikes a balance between reducing the acidity typically found in lighter roasts and bringing out a natural sweetness.
  • Texture: The beans develop a slightly heavier body, giving the coffee a more substantial mouthfeel.

Unveiling Flavor Complexity

a cup of coffee and croissants with full city roast coffee beans

This type of roast is renowned for its ability to unveil a complex flavor profile.

  • Caramelization: Sugars in the beans caramelize, contributing to a sweet, rich taste.
  • Maillard Reaction: This reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars adds complexity to the flavor, often bringing out chocolatey or nutty notes.
  • Development of Oils: The oils within the beans start to emerge, adding a silky texture and enhancing the overall flavor profile.
  • Balance of Acidity and Bitterness: The roast level moderates acidity while preventing the excessive bitterness associated with darker roasts.

To sum up, This coffee roast type creates an ideal equilibrium in the coffee experience, offering a sophisticated blend of flavors and aromas. This roast level is perfect for those seeking depth in their coffee without the overpowering bitterness of darker roasts, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of coffee drinkers.

Mastering the Full City Roast Process

This coffee roast, known for its rich and balanced flavor profile, is a coveted achievement in the world of coffee roasting. This process requires a nuanced understanding of coffee beans, precise temperature control, and impeccable timing. Mastering this roast is not just about following steps; it’s an art form that blends scientific precision with sensory expertise. Here, we delve into the critical aspects of perfecting this coffee roast, from the selection of the coffee beans to the complexities of roasting and the vital role of timing.

Coffee Bean Selection

a person holding a handful of red coffee beans

The journey to achieving the perfect Full City Roast begins with the selection of the right coffee beans.

  • Bean Origin: Different coffee regions produce beans with varying flavor profiles. Beans from Latin America, Africa, or Asia each bring their unique taste characteristics.
  • Bean Quality: High-quality Arabica beans are often preferred for their superior flavor and acidity.
  • Bean Characteristics: Look for beans that are well-suited for medium-dark roasting. Beans with balanced acidity and intrinsic sweetness are ideal candidates for achieving the rich and complex flavor profile of this coffee roast.

Roasting Equipment and Temperatures

a coffee roasting machine with a round lid

The next step in mastering this roast type is understanding and utilizing the right roasting equipment and temperatures.

  • Roasting Equipment: Different types of roasters, from drums to hot air roasters, can impact the flavor. It’s essential to understand the capabilities and limitations of your roasting equipment.
  • Temperature Control: These types of roasts typically require a roasting temperature that lies between the temperatures used for a medium roast and Vienna roast coffee. The goal is to reach a bean temperature that allows the beans to develop a medium-dark color and a slight oil sheen without burning.
  • Heat Application: The application of heat should be carefully monitored and adjusted. A gradual increase in temperature helps in developing a fuller body and complexity in the beans.

The Art of Timing

barista roasting coffee beans in a large machine

Finally, the art of timing in the roasting process cannot be overstated. Timing is crucial in capturing the essence of this coffee roast. Key aspects to consider are:

  • First Crack Monitoring: The ‘first crack’ is a key milestone in roasting. It indicates the beans have reached a medium roast. For this coffee roast type, the process continues just beyond this point.
  • Approaching Second Crack: The period between the first and the imminent second crack is critical. The roaster must decide the exact moment to stop the roast to achieve the desired Full City profile.
  • Cooling Time: Once the desired roast level is achieved, coffee beans should be cooled rapidly to stop the roasting process and preserve the flavors developed.

Mastering this roast coffee process is a blend of science and art. It requires a deep understanding of coffee beans, precise control over roasting equipment and temperatures, and impeccable timing. The result is a richly flavored, well-balanced cup of coffee that showcases the best qualities of the beans and the roaster’s skill.


Taste Testing: Evaluating Full City Roasts

Taste testing Full City Roasts is an essential step in appreciating and understanding the unique characteristics of this specific roast level. Through systematic evaluation methods, one can discern the nuanced flavors and aromas that make this type of roast distinct. This process involves more than just sipping coffee; it’s about engaging all the senses to fully evaluate the coffee’s profile.

The Role of Cupping

barista pouring coffee into small cups

Coffee cupping is a standardized method used in the coffee industry to evaluate the aroma and flavor profile of coffee. It’s particularly crucial when assessing this type of roast. The process involves:

  • Aroma Evaluation: Before and after adding water to the coffee grounds, cupping allows for the assessment of the dry and wet aroma, providing insights into the coffee’s fragrance and complexity.
  • Flavor Assessment: Cupping involves tasting coffee at various temperatures, enabling a complete analysis of the flavor profile, including acidity, sweetness, bitterness, and aftertaste. (2)
  • Consistency and Clarity: It helps in evaluating the consistency and clarity of flavors across different cups, an important aspect for these coffee roasts where balance is key.

Developing Your Palate

a man holding a red cup of coffee

To accurately evaluate this coffee roast, developing a refined palate is essential. This involves:

  • Regular Tasting: Regularly tasting and comparing different roasts can help in understanding and identifying unique flavor notes.
  • Flavor Identification: Learning to identify and describe specific flavors and aromas enhances the ability to discern subtleties in different types of these types of roasts.
  • Blind Tasting: Engaging in blind tastings can help eliminate preconceptions and biases, focusing solely on the sensory experience.

Ultimately, the journey of taste testing and developing your palate for this type of roast is a rewarding exploration that deepens your appreciation for the rich and diverse world of coffee.

Full City Roast vs. Other Roasting Levels

Exploring the world of coffee roasting levels is a journey through a spectrum of flavors, aromas, and textures. Among these, Full City Roast stands out with its unique characteristics. By comparing this coffee roast with other popular roasting levels, such as City Roast and Vienna Roast, we can gain a deeper understanding of what sets each apart and how they cater to different palate preferences.

Full City vs. City Roast

a collage of full city roast and city roast coffee beans

Comparing this type of roast to City Roast reveals notable differences in both the roasting process and the resultant coffee characteristics.

  • Color and Texture: Full City Roast coffee is typically darker than City Roast Coffee, with a medium-dark brown hue and a slight oil sheen. City Roast, being lighter, often lacks this oiliness.
  • Flavor Profile: Full City Roast offers a more pronounced caramelization of sugars, resulting in richer, deeper flavors compared to the brighter, more acidic profile of City Roast.
  • Acidity and Body: While City Roast is known for its higher acidity and lighter body, Full City Roast provides a more balanced acidity with a fuller body, appealing to those who prefer a more robust cup.

Full City vs. Vienna Roast

a collage of full city roast and vienna roast coffee beans

When contrasting this coffee roast with Vienna Roast, the key lies in understanding the depth of roasting and its impact on flavor and aroma.

  • Roasting Degree: Vienna Roast coffee is darker than Full City Roast. While Full City stops just at the beginning of the second crack, Vienna Roast goes beyond, entering into a darker roasting territory.
  • Taste Complexity: Full City Roast coffee preserves more of the bean’s original flavor characteristics compared to Vienna Roast coffee, which has a more dominant roasty and slightly smoky flavor due to the higher degree of caramelization and oil release.
  • Suitability for Espresso Coffee: Both roasts are excellent for espresso coffee, but Vienna Roast coffee often produces a stronger, bolder espresso shot compared to the smoother and more balanced espresso from full city roast coffee.

Which Roast Level Suits Your Palate?

a person holding a cup of coffee and stirring

Selecting the right roast level is a personal journey and depends on individual taste preferences and the desired coffee experience.

  • Preference for Brightness and Acidity: If you prefer a brighter cup with higher acidity, City Roast might be more suitable.
  • Desire for Balance and Richness: For those who enjoy a balanced cup with rich, complex flavors but without the overpowering roastiness, Full City Roast is an excellent choice.
  • Love for Bold and Robust Flavors: If you lean towards a bold, intense coffee with pronounced roasted notes, Vienna Roast coffee might be your ideal match.
  • Experimentation: The best way to determine your preference is to experiment with different roasts. Each level offers a unique coffee experience, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

In summary, the choice between Full City Roast, City Roast, and Vienna Roast depends on individual taste preferences. Whether you prefer the balanced complexity of Full City, the brightness of City Roast, or the boldness of Vienna Roast, each roast level offers a unique window into the rich world of coffee flavors.

Full City Roast Around the World

This type of roast, with its rich and balanced flavor profile, is a preferred roast level in many coffee cultures around the world. It is fascinating to explore how different regions interpret this roast and how it fits into their unique coffee traditions. The global landscape of this coffee roast offers a window into the diverse ways coffee is appreciated and experienced across continents.

Regional Variations

a cup of coffee with a spoon on a full city roast coffee beans

This type of roast is embraced globally, yet it manifests differently across various coffee-producing regions, each bringing its unique characteristics to this beloved roast level.

  • Latin America: In countries like Colombia and Brazil, this type of roast is often preferred for its ability to highlight the natural sweetness and nutty flavors inherent in its beans.
  • Africa: African countries, known for their fruity and floral beans, like those from Ethiopia and Kenya, use this type of roast to balance these bright flavors with a deeper, more caramelized taste.
  • Asia: In regions such as Sumatra and Vietnam, this roast helps to accentuate the earthy and spicy notes of their beans, offering a fuller body and smoother finish.
  • Europe and North America: These regions have a diverse coffee culture, with a significant preference for this roast, especially in specialty coffee shops that aim to bring out the best in their beans.

Coffee Cultures and Full City Roast

a group of hands holding full city roast coffee cups

This roast type transcends beyond just a roasting technique; it’s a crucial element in the tapestry of global coffee cultures.

  • Specialty Coffee Scene: In many urban centers worldwide, This type of roast is a staple in specialty coffee shops, where the emphasis is on quality and flavor nuances.
  • Home Brewing: This type of roast is also popular among home coffee enthusiasts who seek a balance between too-light and too-dark roasts.
  • Espresso-Based Drinks: In Europe, particularly in countries like Italy and Spain, this coffee roast is often used for espresso, which forms the base of various coffee drinks.

Exploring Global Coffee Terroirs

a large field of coffee plantation

The diversity of the world’s coffee terroirs plays a pivotal role in shaping the distinct characteristics of this coffee roast.

  • Impact of Terroir Coffee: The unique environmental conditions of different coffee-growing regions, such as soil, climate, and altitude, significantly influence the flavor profile of this coffee roast type. (3)
  • Taste Differences: This Roast of a Guatemalan bean, for instance, will differ significantly from that of an Indonesian bean, offering coffee lovers a rich tapestry of flavors to explore.
  • Cultural Preferences: Each region’s cultural preferences and brewing methods also play a role in shaping the final cup’s character.

Overall, this coffee roast type is not just a roast level; it’s a globally recognized standard that varies intriguingly from one region to another. These variations reflect not only the diverse terroirs but also the rich coffee cultures that have evolved around this beloved beverage. Exploring this type of roast from different parts of the world can be a delightful journey for any coffee aficionado, offering a taste of the global coffee community’s breadth and depth.

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In conclusion, understanding what is Full City Roast unlocks a world of rich and nuanced coffee experiences. This medium-dark roast level, characterized by its distinctive balance of natural bean flavors and deeper caramelized notes, offers a unique coffee experience that stands out in the spectrum of roast options. It is the careful roasting process, just beyond the first crack but before the second, that defines this type of roast, giving it a medium-dark brown color and a flavor profile rich in chocolate, nuts, and caramel. This roast level is not only a testament to the art and science of coffee roasting but also reflects the diverse cultural interpretations and preferences in coffee consumption around the world.

Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or a casual drinker, understanding and appreciating This roast type provides a deeper insight into the coffee’s journey from bean to cup and the pivotal role roasting plays in shaping its final character.


Roasting time for this type of roast is crucial; it develops rich, complex flavors like chocolate and nuts while maintaining a balance in acidity and preventing excessive bitterness.

When selecting coffee beans for this roast type, consider their origin, quality, and characteristics such as balanced acidity and inherent sweetness, which are suitable for medium-dark roasting.

Yes, this type of roast can be achieved with various roasting equipment, such as drums and hot air roasters, with precise temperature control being key.

Yes, This roast preference varies in different coffee cultures, reflecting regional terroirs and brewing methods, with some regions favoring its richer, deeper flavor profile.

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