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As an Amazon Associate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.

There is more to coffee than its incredible taste and aromatic scent. It has numerous health benefits that tackle mental and physical well-being, and that’s why many people, especially Americans, can’t go a day without a cup of Joe. In this article I wanted to solely focus on the coffee benefits for men. Drinking coffee boosts alertness, increases body strength, improves mood, lowers the risk of heart attacks, liver issues, and kidney problems. I think its safe to say a cup a day keeps the doctor away!

Coffee is beneficial to both men and women. It’s packed with thousands of antioxidants, it improves our cognitive function, prevents inflammation and helps battle certain cancers. It can even can help us tackle depression and keep us alert when on the road so we don’t get into accidents. Amazing isn’t it?!

So are you ready to learn a thing or two about the health benefits that coffee has for men?

1. Coffee boosts sexual performance

I think its safe to say that sexual performance for men is quite an important factor. Not only does coffee give you a nice boost in energy that will improve your sexual performance. but it also increases sperm motility according to medical research. In other words, coffee drinkers have a much greater chance of impregnating a woman than non-coffee drinkers!

Coffee Increases Sperm Motility

Fabio Pasqualotto and Colleagues of the Sao Paulo University, Brazil carried out a study on 750 men, including coffee and non-coffee drinkers (1). When presenting their results at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in San Antonio, the team of scientists reported that men with higher caffeine intake have faster sperm motility. It is found that sperm movement in those who drink coffee is faster than others, though the movement and sperm composition pattern remains the same for all.

Coffee Benefit for Men - Sperm Motility

A similar result is reached in The Telegraph released by Dr. Sunni Mumford on research performed to see the impact of partners’ lifestyles on pregnancy conception (2)(3). It’s done with the sole aim of finding better guidance for couples seeking pregnancy. In the report, it is noted that the writer and the group of scientists were amazed to see the positive impact of caffeine on male fertility. Although it’s yet to be confirmed, a comment made by Professor Sheena Lewis on this research suggested that caffeine prevents the breakdown of adenosine triphosphate and guanosine in the body. Providing energy to the cells of the body, including sperm.

Coffee helps with Erectile Dysfunction

Some sources also claim that drinking 2 cups of coffee per day is the cure to a health condition known as erectile dysfunction. For those who don’t know, It’s the inability to keep a firm erection during sexual intercourse, and it happens to men of all ages but most common in aged men. It has been found that drinking enough coffee causes muscle relaxation, and an increase blood flow to the penis for a stronger and more prolonged erection.

Coffee Benefit for Men - Helps with Erectile Dysfunction

The number of coffee to drink every day to attain all these sexual performances is yet to be confirmed. However, men are advised to keep their coffee intake at a moderate rate of two to three cups a day since there’s yet to be a concrete reason as to how and why caffeine boosts men’s sexual performance.

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2. Coffee enhances physical activity

There are lots of health benefits associated with regular physical activity. It has always been one of the best methods for controlling weight. It also does a great job in reducing the risk of chronic health issues such as stroke, depression, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. However, staying faithful to a regular workout regime may be a challenge for some, especially for beginners. This is why many people resort to energy boosting drinks like coffee before partaking in physical activity.

Gym Coffee

Caffeine the key stimulant in coffee provides alertness and rejuvenates the body and prepares it for rigorous exercise and body development. According to Healthline, caffeine intake improves the concentration needed for physical activity by activating the region of the brain and nervous system responsible for the role. It alters the secretion of the hormone adrenaline to increase body performance, while enriching the body’s system with the needed energy for physical activity. Caffeine also burns the body’s calories through a process known as lipolysis.

Pre-workout Coffee

Caffeine promotes fat burning, and influences the portion of the brain that is in charge of muscle contraction. So that you can easily lift every part of your body, while refreshing your entire system with endorphins. What a fantastic substance!!!

Coffee Benefit for Men - Increased Physical Activity

Improving the strength needed for exercise is an excellent coffee benefit for men especially when it comes to workouts. Although there is on-going research to validate the impact that caffeine has on workouts. The results of some of those conducted in the past show that drinking coffee usually boosts strength and performance. A different approach to understanding caffeine and workouts is to go with a concept in a publication written by the Iowa State University’s recreational services on their website (5). The idea is that it makes an individual go through little effort when performing the laborious task.

It’s no doubt that coffee drinks boost one’s physical activity. However, men must not overdo it and start over-consuming. Consuming an excess of caffeine is also dangerous to the body system, and it can lead to anxiety, tremors, dizziness, and a faster heartbeat rate.

If drinking coffee prior to your workouts is something you already do we highly recommend you check out our article on Protein Coffee!

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3. Coffee lowers the risk of Type II Diabetes

According to medical studies, type II diabetes is much more rampant in men than in women, especially those within the age bracket of 35-54 (6).  It has been discovered that one of the coffee benefits for men is lowering the risk of type II diabetes. This is due to the phytochemical known as chlorogenic acid that aids the regulation of blood sugar levels (7). Frequent coffee drinkers have been found to have a lesser chance of diabetes, due to their increase daily coffee consumption. According to an article on Healthline; coffee can only be a remedy when a person is yet to develop the disease, and could make things worse when one continues after a positive diagnosis (8).

Lowers Risk of Type II Diabetes

At first, caffeine was the reason for the prevention, but recent studies and experiments have proved wrong. A source accounting for research conducted by Fredrik Mellbye and team wrote that Cafestol, one of the compounds present in coffee, is responsible for protecting the body against type II diabetes (9). The hypothesis is confirmed by an experiment in which they fed two out of three groups of mice with Cafestol and the last with no Cafestol. Each of the two groups experienced a further increase in Insulin, while the other showed no increase.

Therefore, It is concluded that Cafestol might be responsible for the increment in insulin production in the body, which reduces the risk of type II diabetes. On the other hand, diabetes is a situation caused by an excessive amount of sugar (glucose) in the blood due to insufficient or lack of insulin production. Insulin is the hormone that regulates blood glucose, and once there’s a shortage of it in the body, it results in type II diabetes.

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4. Coffee reduces the risk of Kidney stones in men

The ancient people must have missed out on many of these coffee benefits for men when they banned the consumption of this is excellent beverage for reasons that were often related to religion and traditional beliefs. However, we are grateful to science for the discoveries. If not for it, most of us would remain unaware of the benefits of coffee.

Drinking Coffee Prevents Kidney Stones

Kidney stone are the presence of stones in the kidney and urinary tract caused by the accumulation of calcium. Kidney stones can also contribute to the development of chronic kidney disease. The condition is prevalent nowadays and even more common in men (9). Research shows that the risk of getting diagnosed with the illness is 11% of men and only 7% of women. Kidney stones are curable, but they can also reoccur again. The experience is harrowing, and for that reason, men are always advised to watch their diets and perhaps increase their daily coffee intake.

Caffeinated coffee reduces the risk of Kidney stone by 26%, and it’s able to do that by acting as a diuretic substance (10). It doubles the production of urine in the body so that the constant flow of water through the urinary tracts and kidneys will prevent the settling and accumulations of stones.

5. Coffee prevents Gout

Gout is a special kind of inflammatory arthritis that grows in the body’s joints, mostly in the feet and toes. It occurs when the body harbors too much uric acid, usually due to excessive purine breakdown. When not excreted, these excess acids move into the body’s joints, causing inflammation of the sites. Like kidney and type II diabetes, gout is also more common in men rather than women.

Coffee Benefit for Men - Prevents Gout

It has been found that regular drinking of coffee will reduce the risk of a person’s gout. Drinking 1-3 cups of coffee can reduce your chances by 8%, 4-5 cups by 40%, and 6 cups and more by 60%! (11) The beverage does this by causing and allowing the excretion of uric acid. Credit for this is given to the chlorogenic acid, a polyphenol that’s one of the coffee constituents. It increases insulin sensitivity so that no uric waste stays for an extended period in the body. The resistance to this infection increases with more consumption of coffee. However, coffee lovers are advised not to drink more than four cups of coffee because anything more may lead to the beverage’s adverse effects.


Coffee is both palatable and medicinal. If it could reduce the risk of all these chronic issues and improve sexual performance, all men should engage. However, always drink responsibly, knowing that there are two sides to a coin- the good and the bad. The few advantages explained above are just the coffee benefits for men; check out our page on coffee’s health benefits to learn more.


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