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As an Amazon Associate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.

The burgeoning coffee industry has recently witnessed the advent of a novel invention, known as the coffee bag, which melds together the salient features of both instant coffee and freshly ground beans, thereby elevating the coffee-drinking experience to unprecedented heights. Taking a leaf out of the book of tea bags, coffee bags offer coffee enthusiasts a hassle-free and convenient mechanism to prepare a cup of coffee par excellence, without having to compromise on its quality or taste.

As we embark upon this comprehensive guide, we shall be immersing ourselves in the origins, varieties, and advantages of these types of bags, delving into their ever-increasing eminence, and exploring their potential to promote a sustainable future for the coffee industry. So, do not hesitate to procure your preferred mug and accompany us on this invigorating expedition to unravel the innovative strides that these bags have taken in redefining our adoration for this quintessential beverage.

Coffee Bags: Key Takeaway

  • Coffee bags offer a convenient and innovative way to brew coffee, providing the ease of tea bags with the full-bodied flavor of freshly ground coffee beans.
  • There are three primary types of these bags: drip, steep, and pour-over, each offering a unique brewing experience to cater to different tastes and preferences.
  • These bags provide a mess-free and portable alternative to traditional brewing methods, making them ideal for busy mornings, travel, or office environments.
  • Many coffee bag brands prioritize sustainability by using biodegradable or compostable materials, reducing waste compared to other single-serve brewing methods like single-serve pods.
  • These types of bags have gained popularity, leading to a diverse range of brands and products that offer an array of options in terms of roasts, flavors, and brewing styles.
  • These bags are a versatile and eco-friendly option for coffee enthusiasts, delivering convenience, quality, and sustainability all in one innovative package.

What Are Coffee Bags?

Coffee bags present a convenient and innovative approach to brewing coffee, offering a comparable experience to brewing tea with tea bags. They contain freshly ground coffee beans encased in a biodegradable or compostable filter material, which typically takes the form of a sachet or pouch. To brew a cup of coffee, one simply places the coffee bag in a mug, pours hot water over it, and allows it to steep or drip.

pour over opened and ready for brewing

What do Coffee bags taste like?

woman drinking her coffee

Coffee bags produce a flavor that closely resembles that of traditionally brewed coffee since they both rely on extracting flavors from freshly ground coffee beans. Nonetheless, their taste can vary considerably depending on several factors such as the type of coffee bag employed (drip, steep, or pour over), the origin of the coffee beans, the level of roast, and the grind size.

Types of Coffee Bags: Drip, Steep, and Pour Over

preparing a pour over coffee bag for brewing

Coffee bags come in an array of formats, each specifically designed to accommodate diverse preferences and brewing styles. In this section, we’ll delve into the three main types of these brewing bags: drip, steep, and pour-over.

Drip Coffee Bags

These bags comprise a built-in filter and often feature a supporting frame or attached wings to hold the bag in place over the rim of your cup. To use a drip coffee bag, simply hang the bag over your cup, ensuring that the coffee grounds are suspended above the cup’s bottom. Pour hot water gradually over the coffee grounds, allowing the water to pass through the grounds and filter, dripping into the cup below. This method emulates the traditional drip coffee brewing process and produces a clean, smooth cup of coffee.

Steeped Coffee Bags

Similar to tea bags, steeped bags are directly submerged in hot water and left to steep for a specific duration. The steeping process allows the coffee grounds to fully saturate and release their flavors into the water, resulting in a rich and aromatic cup of coffee. Steeped bags are especially well-regarded for their ease of use and minimal cleanup, as they can be effortlessly removed from the cup and discarded after brewing.

Pour-Over Coffee Bags

These types of bags are designed to sit on top of your cup, with the coffee grounds enclosed in a filter material. To brew, pour hot water over the grounds in a slow, circular motion, allowing the water to pass through the grounds and steep for a few minutes. The brewed coffee then filters through the bag and into your cup. This method offers a balance between the clean and smooth taste of coffee, delivering a distinctive and pleasurable brewing experience.

pour over coffee in a glass

Each type of coffee bag has its unique advantages, enabling coffee aficionados to select the method that best aligns with their preferences and brewing style. Whether you prefer the clean and smooth taste of drip coffee, the rich and full-bodied flavor of steeped coffee, or the balanced and nuanced profile of pour-over coffee, there is a coffee bag to match your taste.

Top Brands and Products to Try

various whittard boxes on a table

With the growing popularity of these brewing bags, numerous brands have emerged, offering a variety of options for coffee enthusiasts to choose from. Here, we present our top picks for the best coffee bags, ensuring you can find the perfect product to suit your taste and brewing preferences.

Best Coffee Bags

a sac on top of coffee beans

Dripkit Coffee Bags

drip kit bourbon barrel aged coffee

Unleash your inner barista with Dripkit – the revolutionary way to enjoy a perfectly brewed cup, anytime, anywhere. Featuring a cleverly designed, portable pour-over system, Dripkit allows you to savor expertly roasted, small-batch coffee with just a few simple steps. Simply open, pour, and enjoy a consistently delicious brew that rivals your favorite café. Dripkit: transforming the coffee landscape, one bag at a time.

Presto Coffee Bags

presto coffee going into a takeaway cup

Revel in the luxurious taste and aroma of Presto brewing bags – the ultimate marriage of quality and convenience. Crafted from ethically sourced, 100% Arabica beans, each bag is designed to offer an exceptional coffee experience in a matter of minutes. Simply add hot water, and enjoy a deliciously rich, aromatic brew. 

Taylors of Harrogate Coffee Bags

taylors of harrogate rich italian bags

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of Taylors of Harrogate – a delightful fusion of tradition and innovation. Each bag is filled with ethically sourced, expertly roasted beans, ensuring a luxurious and satisfying cup. Enjoy the convenience of a coffee bag with the quality and taste of freshly ground coffee. Taylors of Harrogate: where heritage meets modernity.

Lyons Coffee Bags

lyons go-joe coffee bags

Discover the ultimate on-the-go coffee experience with Lyons brewing bags. Combining convenience and premium taste, these types of bags deliver a rich, full-bodied brew that delights the senses. Made from 100% freshly roasted and ground beans, these bags are the perfect solution for busy coffee lovers. Embrace the simplicity, and savor the flavor.

Whittard Coffee Bags

whittard premium house blend

Whittard is your ticket to a world of exceptional flavors and enchanting aromas. Expertly crafted with the finest beans from around the globe, each bag promises a unique and unforgettable taste adventure. Conveniently packaged for busy lifestyles, Whittard guarantees a consistently delicious brew, every time. Unleash your inner barista and explore the world of Whittard.

Top-rated Pour Over Coffee Bags

Kuju Coffee Bags

kuju basecamp blend bags

Embark on a sensory journey with Kuju, the premium choice for pour-over coffee enthusiasts. Sourced from the world’s finest coffee-growing regions, Kuju delivers a full-bodied, aromatic brew in a convenient, portable package. Crafted with the spirit of adventure in mind, these ethically produced bags are perfect for enjoying a flavorful cup wherever life takes you. Experience the freedom and taste of Kuju Coffee.

One Fresh Cup Coffee Bags

one fresh cup bags

One Fresh Cup brings you the ultimate pour-over coffee experience, featuring meticulously selected beans from the finest coffee-producing regions. With a commitment to freshness and flavor, One Fresh Cup guarantees a vibrant and aromatic brew every time. The innovative, portable design makes it easy to savor a delicious cup of coffee, no matter where your day takes you. Elevate your coffee experience with One Fresh Cup.

Japanese Coffee Co Single-Serve Coffee

japanese coffee co single serve bags

Immerse yourself in the genuine essence of Japanese coffee tradition with Japanese Coffee Co Single-Serve Coffee. These luxurious brewing bags brim with ethically-procured beans, bestowing a sumptuous aroma and unique flavors set to transcend your quotidian coffee experience. Exemplary for those who covet expediency without forgoing excellence, these individual bags render the act of crafting a delectable pour-over coffee both seamless and delightful, regardless of whether you find yourself nestled in the comforts of home or traversing unfamiliar terrain. This brand also does a lovely Sumiyaki Coffee.

Why Coffee Bags Are Gaining Popularity

vintage coffee cup on a saucer with coffee beans

These types of bags are swiftly gaining popularity among coffee aficionados and casual drinkers for several reasons:

Convenience: These sorts of bags provide a prompt and effortless means of brewing a fresh cup of coffee without requiring specialized equipment. They are ideal for busy mornings, travel, or office settings where access to a coffee maker may be limited.

Portability: These types of bags are lightweight and compact, making them a perfect option for on-the-go consumption. They can be effortlessly stashed in a purse, backpack, or office drawer for a fresh cup of coffee anytime, anywhere.

Minimal Cleanup: By using these types of bags, there’s no requirement to manage messy coffee grounds, filters, or clean a coffee maker. One can dispose of the used coffee bag and enjoy their cup of coffee.

Customization: These types of bags are available in an array of flavors, roasts, and grind sizes, enabling users to choose their preferred coffee experience. Numerous companies also offer decaffeinated and flavored options to cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

Sustainability: With growing environmental concerns, many consumers are exploring eco-friendly substitutes to traditional coffee brewing methods. Coffee bags made from biodegradable or compostable materials diminish waste, and their energy-efficient brewing process (requiring only hot water) also decreases the overall environmental impact.

Overall, these types of bags are an increasingly popular choice for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate convenience, portability, and sustainability without compromising taste and quality.


How to Brew a Coffee Bag

Coffee bag brewing

Embarking on a coffee bag brewing odyssey may very well be the quintessential modern solution for coffee aficionados in pursuit of a no-frills, yet a delectable cup of java. Within the labyrinth of this guide, let us uncover the secrets of brewing with a coffee bag, a resplendent beverage that tantalizes your senses while remaining admirably fuss-free.

Step 1: Boil water

Summon the elemental forces to heat water to its most opportune brewing temperature, a precise range of 195-205°F (90-96°C) that teeters on the edge of the boiling point. In the absence of a trusty thermometer, fear not: simply bring the water to a roaring boil and grant it a 30-second reprieve to achieve the desired heat.

Step 2: Prepare your cup

Behold the vessel of your choosing, a cup that shall cradle the liquid treasure soon to be bestowed upon it. Ensure its immaculate cleanliness, untainted by lingering flavors or scents that might mar the purity of your coffee experience.

Step 3: Place the coffee bag in the cup

With care, unshackle the coffee bag from its protective confines and gently immerse it in the awaiting cup. Verify its full submersion, while draping the string and tag over the rim, poised for an effortless extraction later on.

If you cannot find coffee bags online or at your local shop, you can resort to making your own by putting ground coffee in tea bags. Empty tea bags can be found at any grocery store or online.

Step 4: Pour the hot water

Gradually pour the steaming water upon the coffee bag, an elixir of life saturating the grounds within, cascading evenly throughout the depths of the cup. Take heed to fill the chalice to the desired capacity, mindful of the water sequestered by the coffee bag.

Step 5: Steep the coffee

Bestow upon the coffee bag a 3-5 minute respite to steep, adjusting the duration according to your predilection for strength and the sage advice of the manufacturer. During this steeping ritual, you may opt to agitate the bag gently, stirring or dunking it, to coax the most harmonious flavors from its depths.

Step 6: Remove the coffee bag

When the steeping window has closed, cautiously retrieve the coffee bag from the chalice utilizing its string and tag. Tenderly express any residual liquid from the bag, and consign it to its final resting place.

Step 7: Enjoy your coffee

At last, the moment has arrived to savor the fresh brew that graces your cup. Feel free to embellish it with the likes of milk, cream, sugar, or other sweeteners, but never forget to appreciate the symphony of aroma, flavors, and warmth that this coffee offers.

By adhering to these intricate steps, a swift and unencumbered cup of coffee, masterfully crafted from a humble coffee bag, will be yours to relish – be it during the morning hustle, on an adventurous journey, or when a simple yet sumptuous cup is all your heart desires.

Below you can find some coffee tea bags that will allow you to put your coffee in tea bags without making a mess.

Deciphering the Perfect Coffee Bag for Your Palate

pour over coffee bag being steeped

selecting the perfect cup of joe to satiate your taste buds can prove to be an overwhelming task. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

Roast Level: Your palate preference for coffee roast levels should be taken into consideration, ranging from light to dark roasts. Light roasts often feature brighter and fruitier notes, while dark roasts exude bolder and more robust flavors.

Origin: The origin of the coffee beans significantly influences the flavor profile. Different regions yield unique flavor profiles. For instance, African coffees are famous for their fruity and floral notes, while Latin American coffees feature nutty and chocolatey undertones.

Blends Vs. Single-origin: Blends are created by mixing beans from multiple regions to attain a specific flavor profile, while single-origin coffees highlight the unique characteristics of a particular region. Exploring both options can help you decipher your preference.

Flavor Preferences: If you fancy flavored coffee, some coffee bags offer added flavors such as vanilla, hazelnut, or caramel. Choosing options that align with your taste buds can enhance the overall coffee-drinking experience.

Best Practices for Storing Coffee Bags

woman holding paper bag for storage

The storage of these types of bags is a critical determinant of the retention of their freshness and flavor. Abide by these superlative practices to guarantee a scrumptious experience:

Maintain coffee bags’ seal: Keep unused bags in their original wrapping, ensconcing them in a tightly sealed state, impeding the advent of air, light, and moisture, hence preserving their intrinsic characteristics.

Utilize airtight receptacles: For already opened valve bags, decant the remaining coffee into a container hermetically sealed with a one-way valve to maintain freshness.

Safeguard in a chilly, obscure location: Relocate your bags to a refrigerated, shady nook, like a cupboard or pantry, aloof from glaring heat sources that would accelerate the decay of the coffee.

By selecting the optimal coffee bag, mastering brewing skills, and storing your coffee bags prudently, you can indulge in a consistently delicious and fulfilling cup.

Kitten and a Coffee Mug

The Pertinence of Sustainability and Ethical Considerations

pour over on saucer and desk near laptop

With the escalating awareness of the coffee industry’s environmental and social impacts, it has become imperative to contemplate sustainability and ethical practices. In this segment, we will delve into the ecological repercussions of coffee bag production, the significance of fair trade and ethical sourcing, and how to endorse sustainable coffee bag brands.

The Ecological Ramifications of Coffee Bag Production

The manufacture of these types of bags can leave a diverse range of ecological footprints, commencing from the acquisition of raw materials to the disposal of packaging waste. Conventional coffee bags typically employ materials such as foil and plastic laminates, which can pose challenges for recycling and might exacerbate the landfill predicament. Nevertheless, numerous coffee bag manufacturers are now pivoting towards more sustainable materials, such as recyclable or compostable alternatives.

recyclable coffee bags being brewed

Recyclable coffee bags employ materials that can be repurposed and transformed into novel products, while compostable ones disintegrate into natural components under specific conditions. By opting for these eco-friendly substitutes, you can aid in curbing waste and fostering a more cyclical economy.

Fair Trade and Ethical Sourcing

To foster a sustainable and socially accountable coffee industry, fair trade and ethical sourcing practices play an indispensable role. These practices guarantee that coffee farmers receive equitable remuneration for their beans, leading to improved working conditions, environmental guardianship, and community development. (1)

When choosing these types of bags, opt for brands that prioritize fair trade and ethical sourcing. You can recognize this by the brand’s certifications, such as Fair Trade which demonstrate the brand’s commitment to responsible practices throughout the supply chain.

Comparing Coffee Bags to Other Brewing Methods

As avid coffee aficionados, we are constantly searching for innovative and improved ways to enjoy our beloved beverage. Coffee bags present a new angle on brewing, but how do they compare with other popular methods? This segment will examine the contrasts between these brewing bags and instant coffee, traditional drip coffee, and single-serve pods.

pour over brewing outdoors

Coffee Bags vs. Instant Coffee

Instant coffee has long been a popular choice for individuals seeking a swift caffeine boost. It is produced by freeze-drying or spray-drying brewed coffee, leading to a powder or granules that dissolve in hot water. Despite its convenience and long shelf life, instant coffee frequently compromises flavor and aroma for quickness.

Coffee bags, conversely, contain ground coffee beans enclosed in a filter-like material. Brewing with these types of bags involves steeping or dripping, akin to brewing tea, which extracts more flavor from the coffee grounds. Though not as rapid as instant coffee, the procedure is still relatively swift and yields a more flavorsome cup.

Coffee Bags vs. Traditional Drip Coffee

Traditional drip coffee involves streaming hot water through ground coffee beans in a filter, which then trickles into a carafe or mug underneath. This approach is admired for its simplicity and capacity to produce substantial amounts of coffee simultaneously.

These types of bags offer a comparable brewing experience but with a more portable and single-serving disposition. The primary benefit of coffee bags over traditional drip coffee is convenience. With no requirement for a coffee maker, these bags are perfect for travel, office, or on-the-go scenarios. Though drip coffee machines may furnish more customization regarding coffee strength and quantity, these brewing bags offer a simpler, trouble-free alternative that still provides a high-quality cup.

Overall, these kinds of bags provide a fresh and practical alternative to other brewing methods, without compromising quality or taste. While each method has its pros and cons, these types of bags offer a portable and gratifying option for coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

Folgers Classic Medium Roast Coffee, 19 Single Serve Coffee Bags
  • Contains 1 Box of 19 Folgers Classic Roast Single Serve Coffee Bags (19 Bags Total)
  • Easy For On-The-Go
  • Just Add Water
Folgers Coffee Singles (19 per box)
  • Medium Roast Perfection: Enjoy the balanced flavor and smooth richness of our medium roast coffee, carefully crafted to delight your taste buds with every sip.
  • Consistent Freshness: Experience the satisfaction of a freshly brewed cup of coffee every time, thanks to our innovative single-serve packaging that locks in the flavor and aroma until you’re ready to indulge.
  • Individually Wrapped: Each coffee bag is individually wrapped to ensure maximum freshness, preserving the rich and flavorful taste of our 100% pure mountain grown coffee from the first sip to the last.
  • Pure Mountain Grown Quality: Made with only the finest 100% pure mountain grown coffee beans, our coffee delivers a superior taste experience that’s rich, robust, and undeniably delicious.
  • 19 Single Serve Coffee Bags: With 19 single-serve coffee bags per box, our convenient packaging makes it easy to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere – whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go.


Coffee bags have undoubtedly disrupted the traditional way of brewing coffee and have been gaining immense popularity due to their convenience, portability, and customization options. With a range of brewing methods available, such as drip, steep, and pour-over, these brewing bags have something to offer for every coffee lover.

Moreover, the eco-friendly aspect of these brewing bags cannot be overlooked, with many brands adopting biodegradable and compostable materials for their filters, reducing waste and minimizing their carbon footprint.

Our guide has provided you with an overview of coffee bags, including their types, advantages, and recommended brands and products. By choosing to embrace these types of bags, you not only get to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee but also contribute to a sustainable future. So, it’s time to give it a try and experience the perfect combination of taste, convenience, and environmental responsibility.


Coffee bags offer a more straightforward and accessible brewing approach when juxtaposed with traditional methods, such as drip coffee, pour-over, or the esteemed French press. Although the taste profile of coffee brewed with coffee bags might diverge from other techniques, it still delivers a gratifying and pleasurable cup. These brewing bags particularly cater to those valuing convenience, ease of use, and portability, without sacrificing flavor.

Not every coffee bag is recyclable or compostable. Conventional coffee bags often employ materials like foil and plastic laminates, which present recycling challenges. However, numerous coffee bag producers are now embracing more sustainable materials, including recyclable or compostable alternatives. It is crucial to inspect the packaging and opt for brands that champion environmentally friendly packaging to minimize waste and ecological consequences.

As you embark on selecting a coffee bag brand, weigh factors such as roast level, origin, blends versus single-origin, flavor inclinations, and sustainability. Seek out brands that resonate with your taste preferences, emphasize fair trade and ethical sourcing, and utilize recyclable or compostable packaging materials. Sampling different brands and coffee bag varieties may guide you toward the perfect match for your palate and principles

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