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As an Amazon Associate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.

You just got back from your favorite coffee shop, and you overheard two of the baristas discussing Peaberry Coffee. You’re intrigued. What is this Peaberry coffee? Well, you’ve come to the right page! In this page, I will be discussing everything you need to know about Peaberry Coffee and recommending some of the best Peaberry coffee out there. 

What is Peaberry? 

In case you didn’t know, coffee derives from the Coffea plant. This plant consists of shrubs that produce coffee cherries. The coffee cherry is a fruit that produces two seeds within a fleshy encasement. The Peaberry, also known as caracolillo in Spanish, is a type of coffee bean. It is the result of a genetic mutation when instead of two seeds there is only one within the husk, giving the bean more space to develop. Unlike the coffee bean, the Peaberry doesn’t have a flat side and is well-rounded resembling a pea or a berry, hence the name “Peaberry” 

Each harvest, Peaberries make up around 5-10% of the crop, making them quite the delicacy. While some farmers might handpick their crop, most Peaberries are mechanically harvested, dried, sorted and separated after each harvest. Separation is usually done with a sieve or modern machinery, sorting each berry by the size and weight. 

Roasting Peaberry Coffee Beans

Peaberries are treated just like any other coffee bean. Once sorted and processed, they are ready for roasting. Since Peaberries are rounder in shape and density compared to flat berries, they roast differently. Many roasters will test smaller batches of beans to get a feel for the results before proceeding with large batches. Some coffee experts believe that Peaberries are far superior to flat berries (regular beans) since the properties of two berries go into one bean, filling that one bean with double the life and nutrients. 

Peaberries offer a light body with bright acidity. Some would say that they deliver a complex fragrance compared to the regular coffee bean. 

Why is Peaberry more expensive? 

As mentioned above, the Peaberry is quite the luxury when it comes to coffee beans, they are rare premium beans that are found in only 5-10% of the harvest. Some farmers handpick Peaberries which increases costs of labor. Roasting and sorting also require special time and labor, since they can’t be combined with regular coffee beans. 

Where Can I Buy Peaberry? 

So are you ready to indulge in this extraordinary mutated coffee bean? Below I’ve listed a selection of the best Peaberry coffee. 

Tanzanian Peaberry by Fresh Roasted Coffee

This Freshly Roasted Tanzanian Peaberry is grown on the hills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Moshi. The coffee bean is 100% roasted Arabica, with no additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors. It’s cupping notes consists of Peach, Lemon and Black Tea. It delivers a superbly smooth and full-bodied flavor that is rich, but not too overpowering. Resulting in a taste that is clean and crisp. Check them out here.

Fresh Roasted Coffee, Tanzanian Peaberry, 5 lb (80 oz), Light Roast, Kosher, Whole Bean
  • With a wonderfully smooth taste, this single origin Tanzanian Peaberry Aviv Estate is rich in flavor but not overpowering. The taste is clean and crisp. Cupping notes include banana, graham cracker, and dark chocolate. Light roast and mild bodied.
  • We’ve scoured the world seeking these tremendous single-origin coffee selections. Taste the spiciness of the Americas, the richness of the indo-Pacific, and the bright beauty of African coffee without ever leaving home!
  • COFFEE FOR EVERYBODY whether you’re a casual coffee drinker or a third wave connoisseur. Fresh Roasted Coffee is family-owned, sustainably sourced and proudly roasted, blended, and packaged in the United States of America. We offer more than 80 varieties of whole bean and ground coffee, coffee pods, and unroasted coffee.
  • GROWN RESPONSIBLY, ROASTED RESPONSIBLY. We’re committed to sustainability from sourcing to roasting to packaging. There’s also nothing artificial in these single-origin selections - no additives, no fillers, no flavorings.
  • 100% ARABICA COFFEE. Certified Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher. Approved for use in standard drip coffee makers as well as espresso machines, automatics, pour overs, Aeropress, French press, moka pot, and percolators.

Tanzania Peaberry by Volcanica Coffee

The Volcanica Coffee Company specializes in exotic gourmet coffee beans. Grown in mineral-rich volcanic earth, this 100% Pure Tanzania Peaberry delivers a rich body and intense flavor with winy overtones that are mellow and a fragrance that is captivating. These whole beans are medium roasted giving them the perfect roast to unfold their characteristics. The beans are roasted in a state-of-the-art roasting facility located in Atlanta, Georgia. Check them out here.

Tanzania Peaberry and Brazil Peaberry, Whole Bean Coffee Bundle, Fresh Roasted, 2-16 oz Bags
  • 100% Pure Brazil Peaberry Coffee from the famous for its smooth flavor, complex inteste aroma and rich body. It is a flavorful variety boasting a nutty, sweet hazelnut with hints of raspberry.
  • 100% Pure Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro that is wonderfully acidic, has a rich body, an intense flavor and a fragrant aroma coupled with mellow winy overtones.
  • Medium roasted allowing the true flavor characteristic to come through for a remarkable taste.
  • Fresh roasted the immediately packed and sealed to assure freshness.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

100% Hawaiian Peaberry by Kauai Coffee

This 100% Hawaiian Peaberry Whole Bean Coffee is from the Koala Estate on the island of Kauai. Every bean is retrieved and sorted by hand during the harvest with a sharp keen eye on the roasting procedure, each bean is roasted to perfection. Kauai Coffee specializes in small-batch roasting and makes sure that every batch gets the love that it requires to serve a smooth and well-balanced cup of coffee. Check them out here.


Tanzania Peaberry by Stone Street Coffee 

Grown in the rich volcanic soils of Mount Kilimanjaro, these 100% Arabica whole coffee beans are harvested in perfect climate conditions. A smooth medium roast and full-bodied coffee that is light in acidity and reasonably rich in flavor with a clean and crisp finish. Roasted in small batches to ensure the highest of quality, in the heart of Brooklyn, NYC. Check them out here.

Tanzania Peaberry Whole Bean Coffee, Medium Roast, 1 LB Bag, Single Origin 100% Arabica, Roasted in Brooklyn
  • TANZANIAN PEABERRY COFFEE - Wonderfully smooth and full-bodied, this coffee is fairly rich in flavor - but not overpowering. The taste is clean and crisp.
  • MEDIUM ROAST COFFEE - Medium Roasted Tanzania Peaberry Whole Bean Coffee
  • COFFEE DETAILS: 100% Arabica Tanzania Peaberry Coffee from Northern & Southern Tanzania, Africa. Tasting notes are caramel, stone fruit, and chocolate. Washed and sun-dried process. A great coffee for drip, French press, or pour-over.
  • 1 LB RESEALABLE BAG – Our 3-layer natural kraft bag is foil-lined and has a one-way valve for optimal coffee freshness. The wide top opening makes for easy scooping and the seal keeps your one pound of whole bean coffee fresh.
  • FRESHLY ROASTED IN BROOKLYN, NYC – Stone Street Coffee Company is specialty small-batch roaster, we’ve been making artisanal coffee since 2009.

Tanzania Peaberry by Good As Gold Coffee Roasters

These medium roasted whole coffee beans produce a smooth buttery chocolate body with a gentle sweet finish. The coffee beans are roasted with a custom-built air roaster, during this process the coffee beans are levitated by hot air providing a consistent roast throughout each batch. A rare and custom roasting practice that only the folks at Good As Gold Coffee have put to practice. These guys are definitely worth checking out! 

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee - Good As Gold Coffee Roasters - 5lb Whole Bean (Medium Roast)
  • 5lb of freshly roasted Tanzania Peaberry whole bean coffee by Good As Gold Coffee Roasters
  • a unique coffee with a smooth buttery body and a sweet delicate finish
  • Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee
  • Small batch roasted in our custom-built air roaster
  • Providing delicious, high-quality coffee at a great value

You can check out their 12OZ bags here and 5LB bags here.

100% Kona Peaberry Dark Roast by Kona Coffee Cafe

This is the “Golden Jewel” of Kona Coffee. This dark roast is 100% Kona Peaberry that has a rich robust taste with no bitterness and no aftertaste. This coffee is low in acidity. Though the coffee is quite pricey, it is worth every penny. It has been praised as being the best coffee every drunk by many avid coffee drinkers. Check them out here.

100% Kona Peaberry Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee - 1 Pound
  • 100% Pure Kona Coffee!
  • Packed Fresh Daily.
  • Not a blended coffee
  • Peaberry Dark Roast Whole Bean

So you’re officially a Peaberry coffee expert! If you’re looking to dive into the Peaberry world, do check out some of the selections above. You won’t regret it! 



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